Combating hate speech and violent extremism

Our world today needs us as peacemakers to create and strengthen safe and peaceful societies. International solidarity for peace and development is no longer a choice but rather an obligation on us as individuals, institutions and governments.

As some terrorist operations escalate in various parts of the world targeting innocent individuals, extremist and violent far-right movements are increasing, and hate speech is spreading, thus voices of peace, human solidarity and acceptance of others grow and grow. So, the international cooperation between all parties, including governments, international organizations, civil society and individuals in building societies enjoying sustainable peace, security and safety are also increasing in parallel.

Combating Hate Speech and Violent Extremism field of work focuses on:

  • Raising the capacities of civil society organizations, youth, and university students to confront extremist ideology and hate speech.
  • Participation in international and regional mechanisms concerned with combating terrorism, such as the United Nations Office of Counter-Terrorism and the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC)
  • Advocacy, lobbying on human rights in counter-terrorism contexts.


  • Raising awareness of the concepts and dangers of extremist ideologies, through seminars, published publications, monitoring and following up the transformations of terrorist organizations around the world.

Maat team continues to work on:

  • Promote the values of coexistence and acceptance of others
  • Building on the common legacy of mankind in making peace
  • Maintaining the effectiveness of counter-terrorism and violent extremism measures

Unite with us and be a voice for peace wherever you are

In this field of work, Maat focuses on the role of youth in their societies and the importance of their participation in decision-making processes and raising their awareness of relevant international resolutions such as United Nations Security Council Resolution 2250 and the United Nations Global Counter-Terrorism Strategy, in addition to providing support to the most marginalized groups to integrate them into society and take advantage of development opportunities to achieve community peace.

  • Our Channels to Change and Impact

  • Establishing international alliances and networks in support of peace

  • Training and qualification programs for peacemakers

  • Advocacy campaigns and international rallies

Maat follows the escalation of terrorist operations, the rise of extreme and violent far-right movements, and the spread of hate speech in various parts of the world.
 It works to strengthen the frameworks of international cooperation between all parties, including governments, international organizations, civil society and individuals, in building societies that enjoy sustainable peace.
It seeks advocacy and organizes campaigns, events, training workshops and local, regional and international conferences to emphasize the importance of solidarity and coordination of international efforts in this field.

Maat participates in the activities of all international and regional mechanisms concerned with supporting peace, combating extremism, hate speech, and combating of violence.

Maat organizes peaceful rallies in the Broken Chair square, next to the United Nations Palace in Geneva, on issues related to peace and combating hate speech


Maat cooperates with international partners around the world in the fight against violent extremism

Maat organizes awareness activities on extremist ideology, terrorism and support for peace