Sustainable Development

Maat for Peace supports the achievement of the SDGs based on the UN Agenda 2030, and AU Agenda 2063, among other national development agendas, particularly international or regional sustainable development mechanisms such as the UN High-Level Political Forum, the mechanisms of the League of Arab States, African Union such as the African ECOSOCC, and its national Chapter

In 2018

Maat has been selected as the North Africa Coordinator at the NGO Major Group for Africa of the United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs (UNDESA)

In 2018

Maat was chosen as a member of the General Assembly of the Economic, Social and Cultural Council of the African Union.

In 2019

Maat was selected as the Deputy of Major Groups in the African Major Groups and othe Stakeholders

In 2021

The Sub-committee for the Multi stakeholders to promote SDGs in Conflict-affected Areas in the Arab region, organized by the League of Arab States.

We are excited to work with you for a more sustainable life

  • Improving Living Conditions for Marginalized Groups

  • Maat has close interactions with marginalized groups thanks to the programs it organizes for them.
  •  Maat launches awareness-raising programs and mobilizes support to improve and develop their conditions.
  •  Maat communicates with official and non-official bodies to promote the rights of marginalized groups and help them overcome the obstacles they face.
  • Capacity Building on Climate Change Adaptation and Environment Protection

  • Maat is fully aware of the impact of climate change on Egypt, Africa and the whole world, and is alarmed by its potential threats to all aspects of sustainable development.
  • Maat seeks to build the capacities of all stakeholders to become more environmentally conscious during the implementation of development projects.
  • Maat organizes several workshops and training camps on environmental awareness and climate change adaptation.
  • Promoting Gender Equality

  • Maat conducts various activities to raise awareness of gender equality and participates in international and regional mechanisms to promote women's rights.
  • Maat joins regional and global alliances to advocate for women's rights.
  • Maat carries out various activities to build the capacities of organizations and activists defending women’s rights, especially in marginalized and remote areas.