Improving Democracy

Maat's team works continuously and sustainably to promote the model of free and fair elections that are compatible with internationally recognized rules at the local, regional and international levels. It also seeks to have the Egyptian and Arab citizens in particular possess awareness and ability to access their electoral rights, as well as it seeks to promote the values of dialogue, citizenship and acceptance of the other and democratic practice.

Monitoring electoral processes at the regional and international levels

During the past years, the Maat Foundation participated in the follow-up of the general elections in several countries, including Tunisia, Jordan, Iraq, Lebanon, and the United States of America, and cooperated in this with several regional and international institutions and networks.

Follow-up of electoral processes at the local level

Moreover, elections are not an end in themselves but rather a mechanism to ensure the fulfillment of the principle of “people are the source of authority”. Therefore, the integrity, freedom, fairness, and effectiveness of these elections must be guaranteed, which falls within the experience of Maat team, who formed a number of local and international alliances to follow the Egyptian electoral processes .

Joint international mission to follow up on the House of Representatives elections

Egypt 2020

The international mission to follow up the referendum on constitutional amendments

Egypt 2019

Presidential Election Observatory

Egypt 2018

The joint international local mission to follow up the Egyptian parliamentary elections

Egypt 2015

The joint mission to monitor the referendum on the Egyptian constitution

January 2014

Program to support popular election monitoring

2012 – 2020

Network of elections in the Arab world

2006 – 2013

Alliance for Monitoring and Participation


Participating in establishing the Egyptian Independent Election Monitoring Committee

Electoral education

Through its activities and effectiveness, Maat Foundation is keen on raising citizen awareness of the right voting mechanisms and urging youth to political participation, which increases the rates of effective participation of citizens and their influence and representation in governance structures, decision-making processes and awareness campaigns.

  • "For Your knowledge" Campaign
  • Project so that your voice cannot be missed (1,2,3)
  • Electoral awareness campaign for Egyptian youth
  • "The Voter Voice" Project
  • "Capacity Building for the Development of Youth Political Participation" Program

Community dialogue for members of parliament

In this context, Maat implemented one of its projects with funding from the Middle East Partnership Initiative (MEPI) during 2007/2008, and aimed to open a dialogue between citizens and parliamentarians. Urging MPs to use their tools of oversight in adopting the issues that came out of the hearings that the project held between parliamentarians and citizens.

Supporting Decentralization and Good Governance

Supporting and Strengthening Legislative, Executive and Public Decentralization

Maat is working to reform the legislative systems governing local administration.

Maat emphasizes on spreading societal awareness among citizens of the concept, importance and dimensions of decentralization.

Maat contributes to increasing the participation of the most marginalized local groups, especially women and youth, in local decision-making.

Capacity Building on Promoting Good Governance

Maat works on building the capacity of the local civil society to play a supportive role in the implementation of decentralization.

Maat is working on raising capabilities and skills of employees in the local administration.