Maat seeks to employ the human rights approach and use its mechanisms and tools to promote the values and practices of social peace, development, democracy and good governance, and to work through international and regional mechanisms and bodies and within a framework of networks and alliances to advocate and mobilize support for the promotion of peace and sustainable development practices and policies and combating all forms of violence, conflict and the absence of justice



Maat was established in early 2005 as an Egyptian civil society organization, as it is a non-governmental, non-partisan, and not-for-profit entity declared in accordance with the provisions of Law 84 of 2002 amended by Law 149 of 2019 for civil organizations, and registered with the Ministry of Social Solidarity under No. 3166 of 2008 amended No. 7829 For the year 2010.


Maat applies good governance standards, adheres to a human rights responsive approach and is particularly interested in issues of peace and sustainable development, by building the capacity of relevant stakeholders and working with the international and regional systems concerned with peace and human rights. 


Maat adopted a new strategic framework; Through it, it seeks to strengthen its presence at the international and regional levels and build effective relationships with international and regional mechanisms to improve the human rights situation at the national, regional and international levels, as well as pay attention to the application of international humanitarian law in areas of armed conflict, as well as continuing to pay attention to issues of democracy and good governance and the promotion of sustainable development practices And follow-up to the extent achieved in the countries of the world.

Positions held by Maat

What we strive to achieve

A citizen who is aware of his rights and duties

a nation based on respect for human rights standards and good governance practices

A true global partnership for peace and sustainable development


Donors we have collaborated with on high profile projects