International Humanitarian Law and Disarmament 

Maat is working on raising the awareness of international humanitarian law and build capacities in relation to disarmament at the local, regional and international levels through:

  • Training and Rehabilitation programs
  • Preparing research papers, periodic reports and case studies
  • Visiting conflict affected areas and monitoring violations

Thus, Maat's team seeks to raise awareness of the conventions that must be adhered to on the ground, and we aspire to create a safe environment in which individuals can live side by side in peace while fully respecting their basic rights.

Photo of the session of the International Humanitarian Law Unit in cooperation with the State Migration Organization for students of Helwan
Picture of the session of the International Humanitarian Law Unit in cooperation with the State Migration Organization for students Helwan_1
A copy of the training of Helwan University students, introducing international humanitarian law
  • Why do we work in the field of international humanitarian law?

As an organization with a long history and a proven track record in promoting human rights around the world, participation in the specific complementary legal framework governing armed conflict (international humanitarian law) provides Maat with a more comprehensive basis for promoting respect for human dignity in all situations and circumstances.

  • Our legal references

Our legal participation in international humanitarian law and international human rights law is guided by the notion that all persons are entitled Certain protections under international law It must be respected at all times, through urging compliance with and enforcement of these basic legal standards before, during and after armed conflict, we seek to create an environment in which the humanitarian standards and principles defined by the four Geneva Conventions of 1949 and its additional protocols of 1977 can be known to limit the barbarism of wars and protect people not taking part in hostilities (Civilians, health workers, aid workers) and those who have ceased to participate in hostilities (wounded, sick, shipwrecked soldiers, prisoners of war).

    • Maat organizes with the International Criminal Court periodic events and virtual visits in cooperation with the Office of the Prosecutor of the Court, and provides advisory reports on some issues related to international crimes.
    • Maat organizes international fact-finding missions to areas affected by the conflict, carries out a number of field visits, interviews victims and a number of non-governmental and humanitarian organizations, and shares its reports with the relevant international mechanisms.
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    • Maat Foundation participates in courses and meetings organized by the United Nations Office for Disarmament Affairs.
    • Maat made many oral and written interventions both in the context of the conventional weapons program and the program on mass destruction weapons.
    • Maat launched the Global Coalition for Limitation of Armaments (GCLA), it cooperation with CSOs from around the world to Control the Spread of Arms. The GCLA focuses on adopting best practices, international standards and non-stereotypical solutions to limit the spread of arms
    • Our Channels to Change and Impact

    Activities and events

    Which is concerned with improving human rights and the application of international humanitarian law and disarmament, and those trainings target students, researchers, humanitarian workers, civil society organizations and various factions (non-governmental and regular armed groups) within conflict areas,

    Maat also participates in courses and meetings organized by the United Nations mechanisms working on disarmament issues of all kinds of arms.


      We prepare periodic reports on the areas affected by the conflict. In addition, Maat is in an academic partnership with a number of universities and organizations working on international humanitarian law. It prepares legal research targeting specific topics.