UN and regional mechanisms to protect of human rights

Maat participates in international and regional mechanisms for the protection of human rights, through the active participation of a group of experts and human rights defenders working in this field.

Through this program, our experts and Maat's team is interested in supporting communication with the United Nations mechanisms for the protection of human rights at the international level, which vary between treaty - based mechanisms such as treaty bodies and charter-based mechanisms such as the Human Rights Council, the Universal Periodic Review and Special Procedures. At the regional level, it participates in the African Commission on Human and Peoples' Rights.

and that is through :

  • Monitoring and documentation
  • Reports preparation
  • Statements on human rights situation
  • Submit complaints and appeals
  • Helping stakeholders to communicate and network with these mechanisms

Maat participates in the HRC’s regular and special sessions by presenting oral and written interventions and organizing side events.
Maat participates in the HRC’s decision-making process by actively engaging in informal consultations, taking part in organizational sessions, and holding meetings with the presidency of the Council and international missions.
Maat attends the meetings of the Council's Advisory Committee and annual forums
Maat organizes rallies on the sidelines of the council's sessions

Maat communicates with the UN Special Procedures given their roles as independent experts working on specific human rights issues or countries that require special attention and intervention by the mechanisms of the HRC.
Maat provides the Special Rapporteurs with written inputs for their thematic reports and comments on their reports submitted to the Council.
Maat pressures for country visits and contributes to submitting complaints and reports on human rights violations

Maat participates in the UPR mechanism by submitting written and oral interventions.
Maat seeks to raise the capacity of local and international CSOs so that they can participate in the national dialogues related to the UPR
During the adoption of the outcomes of the review, Maat organizes information meetings and preparatory sessions with diplomatic missions in Geneva.

Treaty Bodies

Maat participates in the activities of the Treaty Bodies, to monitor the State Parties’ commitment to their obligations as well as the implementation of the core international human rights treaties periodically; every four to six years, depending on each treaty body.
Maat participates in the work of the treaty committees by submitting parallel reports for the submission of state parties to review and providing oral interventions in closed sessions of civil society
Maat supports the participation of local and international CSOs and raises their capacity to work and interact with treaty bodies.

UN Office on Drugs and Crime

Maat monitors the States Parties’ implementation of the Convention against Transnational Organized Crime, Terrorism, Narcotics and Corruption through oral and written inputs.
Maat participates in the alliances of the NGOs of the Commission on Crime Prevention and Criminal Justice (CCPCJ).
Maat convenes closed meetings with the heads of the committee and the Vienna office, and organizes side events on the sidelines of the committee's activities, either individually or in partnership.
Maat is considered a focal point among the NGOs’ office in Vienna and Arab civil society organizations.

Maat participates in regular and special sessions as an observer of the commission.
Maat participates with oral & written interventions, reports and complaints and actively engages in the panel discussions held by the commission.
Maat communicates with the commissioners in the commission and organizes side events seeking to promote and implement the African Charter on Human and Peoples' Rights.