The Second Workshop in the Framework of the Integrated Protection for the Families of Prisoners and Detainees Activating the Role of Boards of Trustees and the Exemption of the Children of Prisoners from the Contributions of the most important Activities

Maat Foundation for Peace, Development and Human Rights held in cooperation with Ishraqa Society's a new society the second workshop for the officials of the Departments of Education and Social Affairs, Social Security and Boards of Trustees of schools and Representatives from Civil Society Organizations interested in improving the situation of the families of prisoners, in the district of Imbaba, and Bulaq El Dakrur during the period from 20 to 21 of this month.
The workshop comes within the framework of implementation of project activities of integrated protection for the families of prisoners and detainees "the integration and rehabilitation" and funded by the Swiss Foundation "Drosos". It seeks to improve the economic and social conditions for families of prisoners and detainees in the six regions of the governorates of Cairo and Giza.
The aim of the workshop which was attended by 35 representatives from the concerned authorities is to activate decisions and laws governing that children of families of prisoners and detainees shall get educational assistance in order to ease the burdens faced by these families and lead to drop out their children education.
During the workshop, some of the ministerial decrees governing the work of Educational Organizations and Boards of Trustees and Social Security on this matter was discussed, and also ways to benefit the families of prisoners of these legislative frameworks.
The most important recommendations of the workshop was the application of the decentralization in the access of target families and their children to social and education assistance to reduce the time it takes to get the aid, as it is often waiting for the approval of the top authorities, which requires a lot of time.
Also the workshop recommended the need to activate the role of boards of trustees of schools in the mobilization of financial resources or in-kind and as stipulated in the Ministerial Decree regulating, in order to help the families of prisoners and their welfare socially and economically. It was agreed that there should be coordination between Maat and the Ishraqa Society along with boards of trustees in this regard.
It was also agreed to explore the possibility of enrollment of children of targeted families of free of charge strengthen groups or reduced the required expenditures for these groups starting of the new academic year. Participants also recommended the need to exempt students from the targeted households from the payment of expenses and contributions to recreational activities as school trips and others to motivate them to participate


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