Water Weapon and its Impact on Peace and Security in Africa


 Ethiopian policies are centered around the use of water projects, particularly hydroelectric dams, as instruments of war or threats of war against neighboring countries, disregarding international and regional legal rules. Ethiopia's dam statistics and technical studies demonstrate a deliberate disregard for the dangerous repercussions of these dams on various levels: political, security, economic, social, and environmental. World Water Day, held on March 22, 2024 under the theme "Water for Peace," focuses this year on the role of water in establishing global peace, stability, and prosperity.

Maat for Peace, Development, and Human Rights addresses the role of water in promoting and achieving peace while shedding light on the dangers associated with using water as a weapon of war and a threat to regional peace and security in Africa, in its background paper titled "Water Weapon and its Impact on Peace and Security in Africa."



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