Let us write to stop the war... save civilians... hold the perpetrators accountable

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Stopping War... Saving Civilians... Holding Perpetrators Accountable

On October 7, 2023, the Israeli occupation forces launched indiscriminate military attacks on the Gaza Strip, deliberately targeting civilians and protected structures, including hospitals, public buildings, and residential areas. Additionally, they imposed a blockade, denying access to vital food and medical supplies, thereby violating international humanitarian law.
The people of Gaza are currently enduring a severe human rights crisis. Countless lives, including those of innocent children, are being lost, and the well-being of thousands is in jeopardy. The lack of accountability for previous Israeli violations has exacerbated the current situation, as violations continue unabated. Despite calls from numerous countries within the International Criminal Court to hold the occupying forces accountable for their crimes, the majority of world leaders have failed to take effective action.
In response, we have taken the initiative to sign this Petition, demanding that nations worldwide put an end to this aggression and prioritize the protection of civilians. We call for the Israeli leaders responsible for their blatant violations of international humanitarian law and war crimes to be held accountable. Furthermore, we urge recognition of the crucial role the International Criminal Court plays in pursuing justice for the residents of Gaza and an end to the double standards surrounding international justice.
Stand with us by signing this petition and urging world leaders to hold Israeli occupation government officials accountable for the war crimes committed in Gaza.



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