Spread peace and combat extremism

Our world today needs us as peacemakers to create and strengthen safe and peaceful societies. International solidarity for peace and development is no longer a choice but rather an obligation on us as individuals, institutions and governments.

As some terrorist operations escalate in various parts of the world targeting innocent individuals, extremist and violent far-right movements are increasing, and hate speech is spreading, thus voices of peace, human solidarity and acceptance of others grow and grow. So, the international cooperation between all parties, including governments, international organizations, civil society and individuals in building societies enjoying sustainable peace, security and safety are also increasing in parallel.

Maat team continues to work on:

  • Promote the values of coexistence and acceptance of others
  • Building on the common legacy of mankind in making peace
  • Maintaining the effectiveness of counter-terrorism and violent extremism measures
  • respect human rights

and that is through :

  • Advocacy and campaigns in support of peace
  • Organizing local, regional and international events and conferences to emphasize the importance of solidarity, solidarity and coordination of international efforts in this field
  • Training courses and workshops to bring out more peace makers and builders

Unite with us and be a voice for peace wherever you are

In this field of work, Maat focuses on the role of youth in their societies and the importance of their participation in decision-making processes and raising their awareness of relevant international resolutions such as United Nations Security Council Resolution 2250 and the United Nations Global Counter-Terrorism Strategy, in addition to providing support to the most marginalized groups to integrate them into society and take advantage of development opportunities to achieve community peace.

  • Our Channels to Change and Impact
1- Establishing international alliances and networks in support of peace
2 - Training and qualification programs for peacebuilders
3 - International advocacy campaigns and stops
4 - Community peace programs

1- Establishing international alliances and networks in support of peace

The International Alliance for Peace and Development is the latest initiative of the Maat Foundation, as in September 2017 the Foundation launched a call to establish a global coalition working on peace and development issues, which was established in 2018 to include active civil society organizations from Europe, Africa, and the Arab region. The alliance seeks to strengthen the role of civil society. In building peace, respecting human rights values and communicating with policymakers and policymakers across the world to consolidate practices that promote peace and development and counter violence, terrorism, extremism and hatred.

Maat has not ceased to continue its efforts at the international level in spreading its call. In 2019, Maat cooperated with the member organizations of the International Alliance for Peace and Development, and launched the “Peace Makers and Development Forum” initiative, which is a global forum that includes nearly 70 young men / women representing various regions such as Europe and Africa. And Asia and the Arab region, cooperate in implementing community-based initiatives calling for peace and against extremism and hate speech in their societies.

2 - Training and qualification programs for peacebuilders

Maat organizes periodically training programs and qualification courses for youth and actors in the field of peacebuilding at the local, regional and international levels, and Maat trainers always conclude free spaces of symmetry and an environment for exchanging ideas, where broad discussions are held between young people of different intellectual backgrounds to reach common points from which they can start To a healthy society that preserves the rights of all, and calls for development and peace based on its diversity and from a fragile ground full of conflict, dreaming of a better reality.

3 - International advocacy campaigns and stops

Maat launches many campaigns that provide an alternative to hate speeches, especially the practice in the digital space and on social media platforms, in addition to holding a series of peaceful stands on the sidelines of international events under the slogan “Unite for Peace” in cooperation with organizations working in the field of peace building and combating terrorism.

Maat continues in these campaigns by raising the messages of peace, love and peaceful coexistence, denouncing the dire humanitarian effects resulting from verbal extremist ideas and translating into violent acts, in addition to the constant urge to confront and combat terrorism in all its forms and in all parts of the world.

4 - Community peace programs

Maat cooperated with many international bodies in implementing projects aimed at achieving community peace and focused in its essence on marginalized groups such as prisoners and their families. Community for these families.

In addition to the projects that seek to support youth in marginalized and most vulnerable areas, such as the Skills for Success project that it implemented in cooperation with Save the Children and mainly targeted graduates of technical education schools and youth at risk in the areas of Manshiyet Nasser and Ezbet Haggana in Egypt, the project helped to rehabilitate and raise human capabilities And institutional and technical schools and targeted NGOs to train students and youth at risk in life and economic skills and enable them to find job opportunities.