Decentralization and good local governance

Decentralization is a key component of good governance systems and one of its most important principles, in addition to being an achievable tool for administrative development processes and pushing institutions and societies towards achieving comprehensive and sustainable development.

The Maat team seeks to contribute to the development of the local administration system in Egypt to comply with the standards of good local governance based on participation, accountability, decentralization and respect for citizen rights related to public services. Through this program, Maat has implemented several projects during the past years.

Maat cooperates with a number of local partners and international and regional bodies in raising societal awareness of decentralization and creating mechanisms for communication between citizens and their representatives in local councils.

The Maat team worked on developing the programs and priorities of the annual work agenda to include issues such as responding to local government situations to the needs of the citizen in the context of developing the local administration system in Egypt, and seeking a legislative framework that supports the implementation of decentralization and placing local administration in the Egyptian constitution.

Gender issues also came as a priority for the Foundation’s work in this context, as it held a series of activities aimed at empowering rural women in the elected local administration mechanisms.

We continue to work continuously so that societies have effective institutions and adopt rational decisions 

  • The most prominent projects implemented by the Foundation in this context:


Decentralization responsive to citizen rights


Together, towards a legislative framework to support decentralization


Decentralization and effective professional practices


Improving access to economic and social rights


Empowering women to rule in the Egyptian village


Citizen Voice Project