Cultural exchange and promotion of dialogue

The exchange programs, including the youth and cultural exchange involved, are a channel for dialogue between different cultures and societies, as well as an opportunity to enhance the potentials available to young people of different nationalities.

Maat Foundation believes in the importance of providing a platform for dialogue and joint action between actors in different societies, especially at the level of the Euro-Mediterranean, Arab, and African domains, and providing opportunities for young professionals and volunteers to work and learn in a multicultural environment and acquire new skills.

These opportunities are available to all active youth in their Arab, African and Euro-Mediterranean societies without any discrimination and regardless of gender, race, religion or color, as their main goal lies in achieving knowledge cooperation and promoting human values and active citizenship. In addition to developing personal and social skills, it aims to motivate volunteers and participants to create their own projects and initiative and develop their ideas among their societies.

 Initiate, participate, volunteer, dialogue, and move with us towards a better world

  • The Annalind Euro-Mediterranean Foundation for the Dialogue between Cultures

The Analind Dialogue Foundation is an intergovernmental institution co-founded by the European Union and includes 42 Euro-Mediterranean countries. It also enjoys national networks in these countries, including Egypt. Maat Foundation held the presidency of the Egyptian National Network for the Analind Foundation for three years (2013-2016), during which it worked to strengthen Dialogue and cooperation relations between civil society organizations in southern and northern Mediterranean countries, and participated in all events and activities held under the umbrella of Analind and within the framework of its main vision and strategy, and succeeded in weaving strong relationships with many actors in the Euro-Mediterranean space.

  • Euro-Mediterranean Network for Civil Society Youth

This network aims to increase the awareness of young people as active citizens in European and Mediterranean countries, to establish long-term cooperation within the framework of an organized and viable network to share initiatives, interventions, training and networking around key issues to promote democracy, combat violence and fear of foreigners, combat economic and social crises, strengthen Human rights, especially in the context of refugee mobilization, strengthening the role of youth in decision-making positions.

  • European volunteer servicee European Solidarity Crops

The Maat Foundation cooperates with a number of European organizations within the framework of this program to send and receive volunteers to and from Europe. The Foundation has contributed to spreading the culture of volunteering among youth, teaching them related practices and providing opportunities for young people to travel abroad to participate in volunteer projects in official organizations. Volunteering projects include various types of activities in areas such as youth work, cultural activities, social care or environmental protection.

  • Participation in the European exchange programs “Erasmus +”

Maat interacts with youth exchange programs implemented with the support of Erasmus +, a program supported by the European Union to educate, train and educate youth. These programs are implemented by European organizations in partnership with organizations of other nationalities, including Maat, where these organizations send a number of young people to participate in training programs that may It lasts from a few days to weeks in a European country.