Maat News Bulletin - 42nd session of the Human Rights Council - Wednesday 9/11/2019

Yemen we reject the actions of the council based on selectivity and politicization

The delegate of Yemen emphasized his country's rejection of the work of the Council based on politicization and expressed his country's dissatisfaction with the report of the expert group, which was based on incorrect information, as it relied on information sourced from non-governmental organizations and was characterized by lack of impartiality.

Some legislations have a negative impact on the right and justice of victims of enforced disappearance

Bernard and Hem stated that the Working Group on Enforced Disappearances has identified some countries that increasingly justify enforced disappearances as part of their fight against terrorism, and that this includes adopting legal provisions that facilitate the occurrence of enforced disappearances, and during his report he thanked Egypt for its cooperation with the Working Group on Enforced Disappearance

Egypt condemns the wrong allegations of enforced disappearances in Egypt

The delegate of Egypt referred to the decrease in cases of enforced disappearance in Egypt with concern about the allegations of enforced disappearance, which are unfounded and that their purpose is only to exaggerate the cases of enforced disappearance in Egypt.

He also stressed Egypt's keenness to cooperate with the Working Group on Enforced Disappearance and that a meeting with the Working Group was held in February 2019.

The working group was also called upon to take more credible methods of achieving effectiveness

Syria The report of the Working Group on Enforced Disappearance is devoid of objectivity

The delegate of Syria condemned the report of the Working Group on Enforced Disappearance and that it is politicized as it held the Syrian government responsible for the disappearance of thousands of Syrians and ignored how terrorist groups use enforced disappearance as a weapon

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia condemned the targeting of the working group to accuse the coalition in operations Enforced disappearance in Yemen

The representative of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia indicated that the report of the team was based on condemnations from non-governmental and non-neutral organizations, and that the working group did not verify the reliability of this information. He also stressed that the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is always keen to help Yemen against the Houthi militias that carry out enforced disappearances against their opponents.

The commitment of the Government of Afghanistan to engage in good faith with the Working Group on Enforced Disappearances

 Whereas, in 2017 it developed a national program for justice and judicial reform. Key aspects of this law include limiting the scope of application of the death penalty and strong protection against enforced disappearances and arbitrary detention.

Condemnation of Turkey for providing aid to terrorist groups in Syria

The delegate of Syria condemned Turkey's provision of aid to terrorist groups in Syria and the misleading that Turkey is doing when talking about Syria, as Syria is fulfilling its international right to fight terrorism and the illegal foreign presence, which Turkey represents part of this presence. It also condemned Turkey's provision of financial and logistical support to the groups. Turkish forces prevent civilians from the passages designated by the Syrian government for humanitarian aid to reach Idlib

Qatar's claim to be a key partner in global humanitarian action

The representative of Qatar claimed that the state is an active partner in global humanitarian work by strengthening its regional and international partnerships in the field of relief for the affected and the protection of civilians. This also includes providing development and humanitarian initiatives and assistance to countries facing economic and humanitarian crises and natural disasters.

Turkey claims that it wants stability and peace in the region

Where the response of the Turkish representative to the intervention of Syria was that Syria is committing crimes against humanity and that it violates international and humanitarian law, and that Turkey and its forces intervene against the will of the Syrian government is to preserve the security and stability of the region


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