Maat News Bulletin - 42nd session of the Human Rights Council - Monday 9/23/2019


Egypt illegal practices of Israel and settlement plans are still continuing


Ambassador Alaa Youssef, the representative of Egypt, affirmed: The challenges are still continuing and escalating towards the Palestinian people and illegal practices, especially settlement plans and attempts to Judaize Jerusalem. He also condemned the continued illegal occupation in the Syrian Golan and the accompanying violations of the rights of the people of the Golan, stressing that unilateral measures do not result in gains Rather, it resulted in dangerous results, explaining Egypt's permanent and continuous role in supporting the Palestinian cause, stressing Egypt's support for the international solution and the establishment of the Palestinian state according to the 1967 borders.

The UAE turned a blind eye to what Israel is committing to support it to continue its aggressive acts

The representative of the Emirates affirmed that the Council's silence about the violations taking place in Palestine would encourage the occupying power to continue its aggressive actions, as evidenced by the recent decisions it has taken to annex lands from the occupied West Bank, and to continue its illegal policies of Judaizing Jerusalem and expanding settlements at the expense of the population. The original Palestinians. He condemned the difficult situation faced by the Palestinian citizens due to the harassment that Israel practices against the Palestinian state and people


The League of Arab States 71 years after the Israeli occupation, and the international community is still unable to end this occupation

The delegate of the League of Arab States stated that despite the multiplicity and increase in the regions witnessing conflicts, conflicts and wars, the human rights situation in the occupied Palestinian territories is considered one of the most dangerous situations and a threat to the security and stability of the entire region, and its consequences are reflected in the entire world, for after more than 71 years the international community is still powerless On the obligation of the Israeli occupation to comply with the principles of international law and resolutions of international legitimacy to end the occupation and achieve a just and lasting peace based on the vision of the two-state solution and the establishment of an independent and sovereign Palestinian state along the 1967 lines with East Jerusalem as its capital


Syria We condemn the continued support of the United States of America for Israel

The delegate of Syria condemned the continued support of the United States of America for what Israel is doing. He also refused to undermine Article Seven of the Council’s work and condemned the policies of the occupying forces in the Syrian Golan. He also condemned the plans to expand Israeli settlements on the Syrian Golan lands, which are witnessing the construction of 30 thousand new units, which leads to the demographic change that Israel is seeking it, which represents a flagrant violation of international law and the Geneva Conventions, and confirms that the policy of violation in the Golan is not limited to forced displacement, ill-treatment and torture, but also extends to restrictions on movement and arbitrary detention


Palestine We condemn the hate speech and incitement against the Palestinians

The representative of Palestine condemned the illegal practices of the occupation forces, and affirmed that there are more than 50 racist laws adopted by the occupation authorities in addition to many racist practices committed by Israel against the indigenous population. He also condemned the hate speech adopted by the Israeli Prime Minister and incitement against the Palestinians, and the blockade imposed on me Gaza, which caused the suffering of thousands of Palestinian people, condemns arbitrary detention and extrajudicial killing, and affirmed the extent of the heinous crimes committed by the occupation authorities against the Palestinian people.


Amman condemns the provocative statements of the Prime Minister of Israel

The representative of Oman spoke on behalf of the Gulf Cooperation Council states expressing the GCC’s regret for the continued boycott and marginalization of the seventh item on the agenda of the Human Rights Council, noting in this context that everyone who supports boycott or marginalization of Chapter Seven is considered a supporter of the occupying power to continue its crimes. Against the Palestinian people and condemned the statements of the Israeli Prime Minister regarding his intention to annex lands from the occupied West Bank to Israeli sovereignty. These provocative, dangerous and aggressive statements are totally rejected, as are inconsistent with international law, the United Nations Charter and international legitimacy resolutions.

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia call on the Council to pressure Israel to withdraw from the occupied territories

The representative of Saudi Arabia rejected the Israeli annexation of lands in the West Bank and considered it a very dangerous escalation and undermining the peace process, and a violation of the right of the Palestinian people to enjoy their rights, stressing that Article 7 is one of the most important provisions of the Council, and rejecting any attempt to undermine this clause. Consideration, and the council demanded pressure on Israel to withdraw from all occupied territories


Lebanon we condemn the attempts to Judaize Jerusalem

The delegate of Lebanon condemned the continuation of some countries to boycotting Article Seven. No, this would lead to the continuation of Israel’s violations. He also condemned the attempts to Judaize Jerusalem. He also condemned the reaction of the international community to the violations committed by Israel, which is a flagrant violation of international laws and conventions, and this would make it continue to violate and condemn Recently, its statement to annex the Jordan Valley and demanded an immediate end to the occupation


Sudan The council must deal decisively with the Israeli occupation

The Sudanese delegate denounced the settlement scheme carried out by the occupation forces, the attempts to Judaize Jerusalem and the arbitrary detention of the Palestinian people. He also condemned the continuation of the illegal occupation in the Golan and the accompanying political violations of human rights. He also stressed that the Council must deal decisively with this issue.


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