Maat News Bulletin - 42nd session of the Human Rights Council - Tuesday 17/9/2019


Mazuki Debarsman condemns the policies of persecution in Myanmar


The Head of the Myanmar Fact Finding Mission condemned the continuing structural and systemic policies and practices essential to persecution against the Rohingya. Discriminatory laws, including the 1982 Citizenship Act, remain in effect. The government's insistence on the citizenship process based on national verification cards is illogical. It continues to use it as a tool of persecution, stressing that the situation of the Rohingya in Rakhine State has worsened and exposes them to discrimination, isolation, restrictions on movement and insecurity, without access to livelihoods, land, or basic services including education, health care or justice. He also stressed that the return of nearly one million Rohingya refugees to Rakhine State is impossible under the current circumstances.

Myanmar We reject the mission report and we are working to provide basic rights for all


The Myanmar delegate expressed that the United Nations should be impartial in its handling of the issues and that the Myanmar government rejects the report of the mission, which focuses on certain cities in Myanmar. He also condemned the report’s reliance on incorrect secondary sources, which loses its credibility and confirms Myanmar’s cooperation with the UN Special Office to address the phenomenon Violence against women. He also affirms that Myanmar respects the rights of women and the rights of the child, and affirms that Myanmar is now moving towards the path of democracy and carrying out democratic reform work that provides rights to all citizens, and that the system in Myanmar adopts democracy and transparency to provide all basic rights for all.

Syria The ICRC deliberately distorts the facts


The representative of Syria affirmed that the ICRC continues to distort the facts and condemned the commission’s report, especially its disregard for the United States ’raids and not considering them as war crimes. He also stressed that the report was referring to the plans of America, Israel and Turkey on the Syrian lands, and insisted that there are many inaccuracies in this report, as he explained that the goal Part of the military operation in Idlib is targeting terrorist groups, and Syria has taken all means to protect its citizens and open humanitarian crossings, stressing that the Syrian regime is doing its part to confront terrorism, and that US forces are responsible for the suffering in al-Rukban camp in Syria and deny the report's allegations of disappearance The report has evaded the legal documentation of war crimes led by the US-led coalition, and confirmed that America and Turkey were the ones that caused the prolongation of the Syrian crisis, and demanded the lifting of unilateral coercive measures and the provision of unconditional support for the rebuilding of Syria and called for an end to foreign intervention. Illegal on all Syrian lands

Egypt, civilians in Syria are the most affected in the military operations

The Egyptian delegate spoke, stressing that civilians in Syria are the most affected, and condemned the presence of terrorist groups in Syria, which exist as a result of the absence of law and insecurity, and stressed the need for all parties to the conflict to give up military operations in Idlib, and that the Syrian crisis is a matter of great concern for Egypt, pointing out It is not possible to reach a comprehensive solution to the Syrian crisis except through a political solution and the elimination of terrorism

The UAE is extremely concerned about the humanitarian situation in Syria

The representative of the UAE expressed his country's concern about the deteriorating humanitarian situation in Syria, which is still causing the displacement of thousands of innocent civilians and depriving vulnerable groups in society of all protection, especially children and women.

The UAE has always supported Syria as it supports Syrian refugees in Arab and foreign countries

And to contribute to supporting stabilization programs and the Trust Fund for the Reconstruction of Syria, in cooperation with international partners

European Union condemnation of human rights violations in Syria

The delegate of the European Union declared that the Union condemned human rights violations in Syria and made clear that the European Union continues its strong support for the mandate of the investigation committee, stressing the importance of continuing its work and granting its members access to Syria, and the regime must respond to the demands of thousands of Syrian families to release arbitrarily detainees and clarify their fate as well as condemn the attacks Continuing and systematic targeting of civilians and civilian infrastructure, including health and educational facilities, and indicated that targeting medical facilities may amount to war crimes.

Israel holds Iran responsible for destabilizing the Middle East

The representative of Israel emphasized that Iran is responsible for destabilizing the Middle East, since since the beginning of the Council, Iran has claimed in every intervention that the sanctions imposed on it are a blatant violation of international law, but did not look at what it is doing in Yemen and considers Iran the main cause of the Yemeni crisis, and its interference in The Syrian crisis is what complicates the crisis and the operations carried out by Hezbollah in Lebanon, and therefore it carries out all acts that violate international law and humanitarian law

Lebanon, Israel, deliberately eluding to divert attention from its violations in Palestine

The delegate of Lebanon stated that Israel, through its interventions in the Human Rights Council, is deliberately politicizing human rights issues in order not to draw attention to the extent of its human rights violations in Palestine and Lebanon.

It condemned the attack launched by Israeli aircraft on Beirut and demanded an end to describing any party in Lebanon as terrorism, as all parties exercise their rights through the Lebanese constitution.

Bahrain We reject the claims of some countries of the existence of arbitrary detention

The delegate of Bahrain rejected the claims of some countries of the existence of arbitrary detention, stressing that there is no truth to this statement and that cases of terrorism and communication with foreign countries are considered national security and those who violate them must be held accountable, and no one is above the law, and that there is a big difference between basic freedom and subversive methods, and we will not allow the exploitation of Bahrain’s human rights file. To achieve political goals, stressing that the law in Bahrain and the constitution respect all human rights


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