Maat News Bulletin - 42nd session of the Human Rights Council - Wednesday 25/9/2019


Deputy High Commissioner for Human Rights condemns the serious violations of human rights in Libya


The Deputy High Commissioner for Human Rights indicated that there is no progress in the human rights situation in Libya, but it is getting worse, and that the conflict has led to violence and has made the political process reach a dead end so far. The conflict resulted in the killing of at least 218 civilians and wounding of 289 others. More than 300,000 people have been displaced in Tripoli. On August 10, an attack on the mission envoy in Benghazi killed three UN employees and injured 10 civilians. Therefore, it condemns the grave human rights violations in Libya, the summary executions, kidnapping, enforced disappearances, torture and ill-treatment.

Libya, foreign intervention must be eliminated to resolve the crisis

The delegate of Libya emphasized the importance of the speech of the UN envoy Ghassan Salame before the Security Council on 4 September this month, which is that many Libyans believe that the international community has abandoned them, and that the Security Council is able to do more than this regarding the Libyan crisis, and confirms that the Government of National Accord Efforts are being made to overcome the situation in Tripoli and the conflict areas, and it affirms that efforts aimed at resolving the Libyan crisis can only succeed by eliminating unilateral foreign intervention, and with cooperation from the Human Rights Council and the international community

Egypt we call for stopping foreign interference from some countries

The delegate of Egypt stressed that the worsening of the situation and the crisis in Libya negatively affects its citizens and the neighboring countries as a result of armed groups and terrorism. He also stressed the importance of a comprehensive settlement that ensures the elimination of terrorism, and stated that the promotion of human rights in Libya is accompanied by the assistance of the international community, and condemned the support of some parties to armed militias. This affects peace in Libya, and also called for stopping foreign interference in some countries, hoping that the Human Rights Council will provide all support to Libyan institutions.

The European Union is concerned about the violation of human rights in Somalia

The delegate of the European Union welcomed the progress made in the situation of human rights in Somalia since 2016 with regard to peace and reconciliation processes, institution-building, constitutional review and the increase in the number of women in Parliament and the Council of Ministers, but expressed concern about the continuing human rights violations and violations of women's rights, including: This includes sexual violence, genital mutilation, early marriage, forced marriage of children, their recruitment and use in armed conflicts, the continuous application of the death penalty, and the increasing restrictions on freedom of expression and opinion. It also encouraged Somalia to adopt the Sexual Crimes Bill and increase efforts to activate the National Human Rights Committee, and to strengthen the protection of children from abduction. , And the protection of freedom of expression and freedom

The independent expert on the situation in Somalia despite the challenges Somalia is working to promote human rights

The independent expert on the situation in Somalia confirmed that Somalia has suffered from serious human rights violations and loss of life due to the indiscriminate terrorist bombs carried out by Al-Shabaab and the absence of the rule of law. He condemned violations of women's rights, gender-related violence, and other sexual crimes such as rape, genital mutilation, and forced marriage, as well as abduction and forced recruitment by Al-Shabaab and the use of children as combatants. He also stressed that climate change and natural disasters have played a role in creating humanitarian crises that in turn cause suffering, loss of livelihoods and human rights violations, and despite the challenges, the Somali government is taking measures to ensure the promotion and protection of human rights.

Egypt We stress the need to provide support to the Somali government

The Egyptian delegate praised the strenuous efforts of the Somali government to improve human rights conditions in the country, despite the challenges it faces, especially terrorism, and encouraged the Somali government to continue cooperation with the UN human rights mechanisms, stressing the need to continue technical support for the Somali government to overcome the sanctions it faces In its march towards promoting human rights

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia praised Sudan's cooperation with the United Nations bodies

The representative of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia affirmed that Sudan has taken effective steps to protect and promote human rights, and praises its cooperation with the United Nations bodies, noting that Sudan has undergone a delicate transitional phase, and also welcomed the opening of an office for the High Commissioner in Khartoum under the tenth item, and congratulated Sudan on leaving the item of special measures

The Emirates welcome the formation of the new Sudanese government

The UAE delegate welcomed the formation of the new Sudanese government after signing the Constitutional Declaration on August 17, 2019, in the presence of many countries, including the UAE, hoping that this positive step would mark the beginning of a new phase that would contribute to establishing the rule of law and achieving the continuity of state institutions and stabilizing its security. Stressing that the challenges facing Sudan require focusing on urgent needs and not burdening the country's authorities with obligations that are impossible to implement in the current circumstances, in addition to burdening Sudan with comprehensive programs and reforms is not feasible in this difficult stage due to lack of resources.

Egypt We will continue to support Sudan through Egypt's presidency of the African Union

The delegate of Egypt praised Sudan's success in overcoming the crisis, and stressed the importance of signing the political agreement and the constitutional declaration, stressing Egypt's full support for the Sudanese people and respecting the choices of the Sudanese people, and that Egypt is ready to provide support to continue Sudan's international and regional role. He also stated that Egypt will make every effort. Through its presidency of the African Union in order to help Sudan achieve a better future, and I recommend the need to provide technical support and assistance to Sudan according to its needs.


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