Maat News Bulletin - 42nd session of the Human Rights Council - Monday 9/9/2019

Maat News Bulletin - 42nd session of the Human Rights Council - Geneva

The activities of the 42nd session of the Human Rights Council began today in Geneva

The opening session was the speech of Mrs. Michele Bchili, High Commissioner: Despite the Human Rights Council achieving many gains in the field of protecting human rights, there are still many challenges and different positions that require the Council to turn to and face these challenges


Moments of mourning at the opening session

Where the delegate of the Bahamas asked the attendees to stand for moments of mourning in memory of the victims of the Bahamas hurricane and in the context of that, Mr. Cooley Sik, President of the Human Rights Council, stressed the need for the solidarity of the international community to address this phenomenon and find solutions to it

It is worth noting that Hurricane Dorian, which struck the northern Bahamas on September 1, 2019, was accompanied by strong winds and was considered the strongest hurricane in the history of the region, which has not been witnessed before, which left catastrophic events.

A healthy environment is a human right that is as important as the right to food

As the High Commissioner, Michelle Bachelet, emphasized the seriousness of the phenomenon of climate change and its impact on every individual in the world and the catastrophic accidents it causes, and that this dangerous climate deflection is an obstacle to obtaining the human right to development and to live in a healthy environment. She addressed her speech to all world leaders with solidarity Against the phenomenon of climate change, so that humanity avoids the dangers of this change

The Special Rapporteur on contemporary forms of slavery: I will visit Qatar in January 2020

Rector Armila Bohla, who is concerned with contemporary forms of slavery, affirmed that efforts to combat slavery must take more systematic methods and measures at all levels to eradicate slavery, and that measures be taken without delay in achieving sustainable development. Climate and environmental change I have mentioned that in 2050 it is expected that 5 billion people will face life in unqualified places. And 143 million people are exposed to internal migration, which increases the chance of exploitation and abuse

Concern of the High Commissioner about human rights violations in Kashmir

Michelle Bachelet expressed her concern about human rights violations in Kashmir and condemned the measures taken by the Government of India, such as restrictions on Internet communications, peaceful assembly and detention of political leaders. India and Pakistan also called for the protection of human rights.



What happened in Sudan is an important step to enable the transition to any democratic civil government

Michelle Bachelet praised Sudan's political agreement and the constitutional declaration on August 17, 2019, as the declaration contains many references to human rights, the legitimacy of these rights, the formation of the National Committee and its commitment to facilitate the mission of the Commission in Sudan



The illegality of settlements on the occupied Palestinian territories

The High Commissioner condemned Israel's policy of continuous expansion of settlements inside the Palestinian territories in the West Bank, including East Jerusalem, and that this contradicts all international laws and that it is a clear violation of the rights of the Palestinians.

It also condemned the increase in the demolition of Palestinian homes, and that all acts of settler violence, demolitions and forced evictions amount to forcing Palestinians to leave their homes.


Strong condemnation of the violation of human rights in Afghanistan

As Michelle Bachelet condemned the size of the civilian casualties of the armed conflict in Afghanistan, as in July more than 1,500 civilian casualties were recorded, which is the highest monthly number recorded for civilian casualties since 2009, and the High Commissioner affirmed her hope to end peace talks for this conflict.



Myanmar and army violations of human rights

The High Commissioner strongly condemned the violence and fighting that is taking place in Myanmar against the Rohingya Muslims, as these violations led to the expulsion of nearly a million Rohingya people outside the country.

It also condemned the continuous escalation of armed clashes there and that the continuing violence and fighting could undermine the peace process there



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