Maat News Bulletin - 42nd session of the Human Rights Council - Tuesday 10/9/2019

More than 80 thousand people fled Nicaragua

Michelle Bachelet condemned the deteriorating human rights situation in Nicaragua, as more than 80,000 people have been forced to flee their homes since protests against the government in April 2018, when police used force, which resulted in extrajudicial killings in addition to ill-treatment and torture in detention centers.

Stressing that the political crisis led to a deterioration in the economic and social situation, which negatively affected development indicators and the enjoyment of economic and social rights

Delegate without Russia not to politicize the work of the Council

A delegate without Russia condemned the politicization of the work of the Human Rights Council and that the ongoing debate on the human rights situation in Nicaragua is nothing but an institutionalization of the Council’s work, questioning the techniques of preparing the Commission’s report, and calling on the Council to strengthen constructive dialogue with the member states of the United Nations in order to develop appropriate solutions to overcome problems Human rights conditions

The Israeli occupation forces continue their brutal practices against the Palestinians

The representative of Palestine condemned the Israeli occupation forces ’continuing violations of Palestinian rights and brutal practices of targeting civilians, children and peaceful demonstrators, as the Commission confirmed the demonstrators’ use of force

He also condemned the extrajudicial killing that Israel is doing. Last Friday, the occupation forces targeted and killed two children

He also pointed out that the Commission’s report ignored the crimes committed by the occupation forces in Jerusalem and the West Bank, and condemned Israel's permanent rejection of Security Council, General Assembly and Human Rights Council resolutions.

Yemen is witnessing a humanitarian disaster

High Commissioner Michelle Bachelet affirmed that Yemen is witnessing a humanitarian catastrophe of war, disease, famine, economic collapse, terrorism, violations of human rights and war crimes, and that there are nearly 24 million people in need of humanitarian assistance and protection, and that more than two-thirds of the country is on the verge of starvation. In addition, there have been 7,550 civilian deaths since March 2015, and you see that what is happening in Yemen is the responsibility of all parties to the conflict.

The right of the Palestinian people to establish a unified state with East Jerusalem as its capital  

Where the delegate of Iraq condemned the actions taken by Israel against Palestine, including curfews, arbitrary detention, and the unprecedented expansion in the establishment of settlements, and stressed that the Palestinian people have the right to establish a unified state with East Jerusalem as its capital.

On the other hand, the representative of Iraq, on behalf of the Arab countries, referred to the importance of solidarity against climate change and its harm to human rights, especially vulnerable groups.

Today, the UN Panel of Experts presented its report on Yemen

Where the experts conducted field visits to countries hosting refugees who are citizens of Yemen and conducted nearly 600 interviews with witnesses and victims and indicated that the bombing by the Houthis and armed groups continues to target civilians with the continuing arbitrary detention, enforced disappearance, sexual violence and torture and that the situation in Yemen is in a state of state. Continuous deterioration, and some countries have responded to the report

Yemen rejects the politicization of human rights in Yemen

The delegate of Yemen confirmed that the Yemeni government is not a party to the Council’s decision, which extended the period of experts, and that the Yemeni government has shown its unwillingness to politicize human rights in Yemen and declared its rejection of the experts ’report.

Egypt confirms its keenness to cooperate with the UN human rights mechanisms

Where Egypt's delegate to the Human Rights Council affirmed the extent to which Egypt is keen to continue cooperation with the mechanisms of the United Nations and stressed its readiness for the universal periodic review at the Human Rights Council, which will be held during the month of November 2019, and he is in solidarity with the High Commissioner in facing climate change and its dangerous repercussions such as poverty Water and drought, which affects human rights in life in a healthy environment. He also indicated that Egypt has adopted a new law for civil society organizations that prohibits the dissolution of the organization except with a court ruling.

aThe Kingdom of Saudi Arabia expresses its solidarity with the High Commissioner on the concerns regarding climate change

  The representative of Saudi Arabia emphasized the extent of the Kingdom's interest in climate changes and support for all efforts to confront those changes and the seriousness of their results

The representative of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia also condemned the forcible displacement of Palestinians by the Israeli occupation forces and building settlements in the West Bank and East Jerusalem, and called on all countries to support the Palestinian people and stop the series of violations against the Palestinians.

Bangladesh The military practices in Myanmar are a flagrant violation of international law

The delegate of the state of Bangladesh condemned what the army is doing in Myanmar against the Rohingya Muslims and considers it a flagrant violation of human rights, international and humanitarian law.

He also condemned the Israeli violations against the Palestinians and the Palestinian territories, and that these violations must stop

He referred to his agreement with the report of the commission regarding the impact of climate change and its negative impact on human rights


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