Mela Sofu Qatari women suffer from discrimination in Qatar

Mela Sofu Qatari women suffer from discrimination in Qatar

In Qatar ... a husband has the right to beat his wife

Mela Sofu - from the Peacebuilding Group calls for protection of domestic workers from violence and discrimination

As part of the evaluation of the third universal periodic review process in Qatar during the symposium held by the Maat Foundation within the work of the working group concerned with the universal periodic review mechanism, where Mela Sofo explained that Qatari women still suffer from discrimination in Qatar, despite the Qatari government granting the right to children of Qatari women married to foreigners with cards Residence but Qatari women still suffer from the right to provide their children with citizenship on an equal basis with Qatari men, which results in suffering for Qatari women in educating their children, taking care of their health and obtaining decent job opportunities.

Milah continued his speech, explaining that human rights reports revealed that Qatari women are subject to systematic humiliation protected by unjust Qatari legislation, and they face sexual discrimination before the judiciary and harsh institutional pressures, by wasting their most basic rights and refusing to grant them land equal to men, in addition to the Qatari law permitting the beating of wives and hundreds of victims. Qatari women are treated in a rehabilitation center.


He further explained that the situation of domestic workers in Qatar is tragic, as domestic workers continue to face discrimination and discrimination between them and other workers, are deprived of basic protections, and are left vulnerable to exploitation and abuse, including forced labor and human trafficking. In addition, domestic workers are still required to obtain "exit permits" in order to leave the country.


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