From Malta... Maat participates in a European youth project on mechanisms to combat hate speech and reject extremism

Within the framework of its interest in rejecting violence and hatred and the resulting extremist practices, Maat for Peace, Development and Human Rights participated in a European youth program in Malta on mechanisms for combating hate speech and combating extremism, with the participation of 25 young men and women from 11 Arab and European countries, and they are: "Egypt, Poland, Slovakia, Bulgaria, Greece, Jordan, Palestine, Ukraine, Serbia, Azerbaijan, and Malta. This will take place from the 11th to the 18th of November.

Maat participated in the sessions and workshops, which revolved around the mechanisms and skills required to counter hate speech, as well as analysing tools and techniques for combating extremist speech, how to evaluate counter-extremist speech, and finally enhancing cooperation from the relevant national and international authorities to confront hate speech. Maat also discussed the relationship of hate speech to international mechanisms for the protection of human rights and the file of sustainable development.


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