From the Heart of Qatar, a video message addressed to the members of the International Council for Human Rights

A new victim of human rights violations in Qatar appeals to the United Nations to rescue him

 The United Nations headquarters in Geneva witnessed, in parallel with Qatar undergoing the universal periodic review, a broadcast of a video message of an Egyptian citizen detained in Qatar claiming Nabil Mustafa to seek help from the United Nations mechanisms and demanding them to intervene to save his life and his future and to stop the ongoing process of abuse that he has been subjected to in Qatar for several years

Nabil Mustafa's message was published during the symposium held by Maat at the United Nations headquarters in Geneva to review the human rights situation in Qatar, which on the same day underwent a review of its human rights record at the United Nations Human Rights Council

Ayman Aqil, head of the Maat Foundation for Peace, Development and Human Rights stated that the Egyptian citizen is paying the price for speaking out for his opinion in support of the Egyptian state and the June 30 revolution and is subjected to a systematic harassment campaign in which the Qatari security and judiciary participated, and financial institutions colluded with them. Aqeel added that Nabil Mustafa is currently deprived of his right to move and work. He is being subjected to a moral assassination by the Qatari authorities, without receiving any support.

It is worth noting that Nabil Mustafa succeeded in recording and leaking his message with the help of the Maat Foundation, which adopted his case long ago and knocked on all doors to try to stop the daily crime committed against him, and Nabil Mustafa’s message is the first cry of its kind that succeeds in breaking the wall of fear and blockage imposed by Qatar on That is, thousands of foreign people who are subjected to the most horrific violations without being able to have their voice heard from the world.




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