“From Saying to Doing”: Youth, Peace and Security Agenda & its Application in the Arab Region With Egypt as a Model

Maat for Peace, Development and Human Rights Association has issued a study entitled ("From Saying to Doing" Youth, peace, and security Agenda and its application in the Arab region...With Egypt as a Model), which highlights the five pillars of Resolution No. 2250 of 2015, issued by the Security Council, related to youth Peace and Security, and its subsequent resolutions, such as Resolution No. 2419 of 2018, and Resolution No. 2535 of 2020, the three resolutions constitute the current general framework of the Youth, Peace and Security agenda, and the study includes a roadmap containing eight goals based on the Youth, Peace and Security Agenda to enhance the role of youth in Egypt Through this study, Maat Association called on the Arab countries to adopt national action plans in order to implement the youth, peace and security agenda based on the three Security Council resolutions mentioned above. The study also concluded with a number of recommendations, including increasing the funding allocated to the implementation of the youth, peace and security agenda, especially supporting the access of youth organizations to more additional resources, the need to adopt specific steps to improve education, address unemployment, and address other issues of concern to young people, whether at the level of law or in practice. ; The necessity of adequate representation of youth in conflict areas in the Arab countries in peace negotiations. Creating platforms for consultation between executive leaders and youth organizations.
This came within the framework of Maat's implementation of community youth initiatives, within the framework of the PeaceBuilders in Egypt project, which is implemented by Maat Association in cooperation with the International Dialogue Centre (KAICIID) .




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