Climate Change in Popular Context: Reality and Solutions

Maat platform for climate action launches a series of trainings entitled
“Climate Change in a Popular Context: Reality and Solutions”

Under its platform for climate action, Maat for Peace, Development and Human Rights launches a series of training programs and workshops to raise the capacities of youth initiatives and organizations on the phenomenon of climate change, which comes under the title "Climate Change in Popular Context: Reality and Solutions."

The series aims to raise societal awareness of the concept of climate change and relevant phenomena, explaining the intertwining relationship between it, sustainable development and human rights, shedding light on the international and regional mechanisms associated with climate change and its extreme events, and finally promoting the involvement of youth and community initiatives in the path of climate change both at the local and international levels.

The first event of the training series took place on Saturday, March 4, in cooperation with the VHO organization in Cairo, where a workshop was organized for a group of young people on the concepts of climate change, climate adaptation, and enhancing the role of youth-led initiatives in order to mitigate climate crises.

It is worth mentioning that Maat’s platform for climate action "seeks to enhance the work of the civil society in the field of climate action, by releasing studies and periodicals aimed at raising levels of climate awareness, in addition to organizing a series of trainings, workshops and activities on discussing mechanisms for addressing and combating climate change at all national, regional and international levels."


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