Graphic designer and video editor

job description
A graphic designer with a creative sense who can create and edit attractive and impressive videos of different sizes and shapes and with various specializations suitable for social media platforms.
Functional tasks
Create and edit videos professionally to be attractive and suitable for social networking sites
Speed in executing tasks
Experience in making videos that attract viewers to get the largest number of views
Assisting with the content team to come up with an idea (within a team)
Making designs for the content submitted to it and creating an idea (alone)
Designing user interfaces with the perfect user experience in mind
All of what is mentioned in the parentheses are within our daily work (designing social media publications on various platforms, designing publishing identities “templates” for clients to reuse when publishing on social media, designing website interface banners, designing an identity and logo, re-designing identity, designing user interfaces for websites and applications Reports, designing pdf files, designing article banners.. and some other work in between periods, designing marketing email banners)
Qualifications and Experience Required
He loves creativity and design and constantly nurtures his visual taste
Able to implement any design, creation and modification of a video entrusted to him, regardless of its complexity
Understand in Marketing
At least one year of experience in the design and short video industry
Ability to work from home (fast internet + good device)
Excellent online communication skills

Administrative and financial procedures:
The applicant will undergo a probationary process for a maximum period of three months.
Salary determined on the basis of relevant experience.
Working days 6 days a week from Saturday to Thursday.

How to apply: Complete the form below

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