The Observatory for Monitoring the General Elections of the Maat Foundation for Peace concludes the work of monitoring the midterm elections for the Doctors Syndicate

Observatory for follow-up to general elections at the Maat Foundation for Peace concludes works  Following up the midterm elections for the Doctors Syndicate

The electoral process is calm and regular and the low turnout is the most prominent remarks

The most prominent violations: Violating advertising and the absence of phosphorous ink in some committees

conclude  Affiliated General Election Observatory For the Maat Foundation for Peace, Development and Human Rights Follow it toMid-term elections for the Egyptian Medical Syndicate Council And conducted  Yesterday, Friday, October 13, 2017  Where the observatory paid 300 followers in the headquarters in which the polling and counting operations were conducted in the targeted governorates, and established an operations room to follow up the developments of the electoral process, monitoring and documentation.

The observatory's scope of follow-up included the governorates of Cairo, Qalyubia, Giza, Alexandria, Gharbia, Sharkia, Aswan, Sohag, Red Sea, Menoufia, Minya, Kafr El Sheikh, Ismailia, New Valley and Damietta  

The testimonies of field observers indicated that voting began in all the electoral centers visited by the observers of the observatory at exactly nine o'clock in the morning and the door to vote was closed at five in the evening, and the electoral process was regular in terms of procedural and organizational and witnessed a weak turnout of young doctors, while the face of the elections was preserved by the sheikhs of the profession and the turnout was Almost absent in the New Valley Governorate 

Our followers monitored the adequacy of insurance rates at the polling sites that were visited, and there were no effective violations except for monitoring the case of group voting in Committee No. 3 of the Minya Sub-Syndicate of Doctors in Minya at 11 am, as the observers monitored the presence of a security person inside the same committee and the neighboring committees 1 and 2.

Observatory observers also monitored the presence of electoral advertisements outside the majority of the electoral commissions, as well as the case of electoral propaganda inside the committees of the Qalyubia Doctors Syndicate held at the Benha Sports Club. The observatory’s followers in Aswan also monitored the absence of phosphorous ink in the committees, and the committees overseeing the electoral process All committees closed to perform Friday prayers at 12:30 and resumed their work at 1 pm

Estimates of participation in the electoral process indicate extreme weakness. For example, the six elves were closed at exactly five o'clock with a total of 410 voters out of 15,300, and in Sharkia, those who voted 558 out of 12035, and in the New Valley, the rate of participation was very low.  

It is noteworthy that the General Elections Observatory of the Maat Foundation is one of the institution’s mechanisms to follow up, monitor and support the integrity of all electoral processes and referendums at the level of presidential, parliamentary, trade union and civil bodies.




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