Maat Foundation intervention regarding the killing of George Floyd at the hands of an American policeman

offered to meThe 44th session of the Human Rights Council

Submitted by: Maat Foundation for Peace, Development and Human Rights (with the consultative status of the United Nations Economic and Social Council).

About: United States of America



Be condemned Maat Foundation for Peace, Development and Human Rights (Egypt) Violence used by US policemen against black American citizens, and condemns Enterprise The brutality of the American police in dealing with ethnic minorities in the United States of America. On the evening of May 25, 2020, an American policeman arrested a man named George Floyd, 46, who showed a ten-minute video, a white policeman, fixing Floyd to the ground, pressing With one of his knees on his neck, while Floyd was repeating, "I can not breathe," and that incident occurred on the same day because of the spread of a video showing a white woman in New York, calling the police to arrest a black man, after a dispute over her dog, which shows racial discrimination against Ethnic minorities in a country that claim to be the cradle of freedoms and the source of democracy.

It is presented Corporation This intervention indicates the seriousness and growth of violence used by the US security forces against black people, which calls for a serious investigation into that case. Enterprise To draw the attention of the Honorable Council that it was not the first incident of its kind, as it is one of hundreds of cases and incidents that highlight racial segregation in American society, and the murders against “black” citizens of African descent at the hands of the police forces, which is reinforced by the statements of the US President Trump, against the "blacks", whose statements against them are full of racism, in addition to the fact that initial data shows that black Americans are more likely to die from the emerging corona virus "Covid 19", which undoubtedly indicates the exacerbation of racism and economic disparities in the United States due to Pandemic.

US Police brutality in dealing with "black" ethnic minorities

Guruj Floyd, 46, who was working as a guard in a restaurant in Minneapolis, died on the evening of May 25, 2020, which is the largest city in the state of Minnesota, USA. He was stopped by the US police while searching for a suspect in a fraud, and he showed a video of ten minutes. A white policeman, and he brutally deals with a man of African descent, Floyd, whom the policeman pinned to the ground, pressed on his neck with one of his knees, and Floyd was repeating, "I can not breathe", until he passed away, which is the same day that a video of a woman spread White in New York, as she calls the police to arrest a black man, after a dispute over her dog[1].

In a related context, these incidents were not rare in the history of the US police, as 1014 black people were killed by the US police forces in the year 2019, and according to studies, black Americans are more likely to fall victim to the police compared to other races, and two days before the killing of Floyd A black man was killed by a white police officer, in a new move that would revive days and a long chapter of apartheid, and with regard to the Floyd incident, the authorities announced that the four policemen who participated in the incident had been separated, including the officer who was seen pressing By his knee, Floyd was lying on the floor[2].

In the same previous framework of US police violations against blacks, in the year 2018, a young black man was killed, with about 20 bullets fired by policemen at the parking lot of a supermarket in California, USA, and in 2016, the US police shot a black man in Minneapolis after An hour after the US Department of Justice announced that it had opened an investigation into the killing of a black man at the hands of two police officers in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, as well as the killing of at least 102 black citizens during 2015, at a rate of about two people a week, and at a rate of one person out of 3 black citizens were killed Unarmed, reports have shown that the 37% unarmed citizens killed by the police were black citizens who all account for the 13% residents of the United States of America.[3].

Racism against “black” citizens in light of the Corona pandemic

Initial data issued by some states showed that black Americans are more likely to die from the emerging coronavirus, "Covid 19", which is a bad indication of the worsening of racism and economic disparities in the United States due to the pandemic, and statistics issued by health officials in Chicago confirmed the large number of virus victims. Of black Americans in the city, blacks in Chicago account for half of the virus cases in the city and more than 70% deaths, although they make up 30% of the population, and officials in the US state of Chicago said that as of April 5, there were 1,824 cases out of 4,680 confirmed cases of the virus in The state has black residents, compared to 847 white, 478 Hispanic, and 126 Asian Chicago residents; In addition to the growing number of black casualties in the rest of the states; Because of racism, which led to a lack of investment in African-American communities and poor health care for the population in general[4].

In the same previous framework, the reasons for the high mortality of black Americans in the United States of America can be attributed to the fact that blacks are due to the racism and marginalization they suffer from, as well as the deterioration of the economic and social situation; They are more prone to heart problems, stress, and diabetes, and Todd Enterprise To emphasize that the health care system in the United States of America is very bad, and affects blacks more, in addition to the factors of the surrounding environment, where black Americans live in crowded areas, and people are closely linked with each other, in addition to the lack of green spaces, places to practice Physical exercise, in addition to the scarcity of healthy food options, low levels of income for them, in addition to the fact that the professions in which blacks work in general are more vulnerable to infection with the Corona virus, as they constitute the largest proportion of food workers and bus drivers, mechanics, factory workers, workers transporting goods and others , Compared to the economic situation and the distinguished professions in which white people work in the United States of America[5].

Is calling Maat Foundation The United States of America called for the need to intervene in order to develop final solutions to eliminate the problem of discrimination and racism against ethnic minorities, as well as work to improve the social, health and economic conditions of the African American population.

Racist statements against blacks by US President "Trump"

Maat Foundation denounces the racist statements reported by the media about the US President, Donald Trump, in which he attacks some African countries such as “Haiti”, which he described as “scum”, which is an implicit statement by the head of authority in the United States of America to use violence against Africans, in addition to being a hurtful statement to people of African descent in the United States, it should be noted that the US president had said before during his election campaign that he had nothing to lose to African American voters, and he also said that “the areas inhabited by blacks” Dirty and very bad, ”and that their living conditions will only improve during his rule, and after more than three years in the White House, President Trump has not stopped stirring up controversy with racist tweets and political stances mocking the black-skinned Americans[6].

In a related context, the US President, Donald Trump, attacked four female Democrats who come from minorities, and used ugly racist statements against them.[7]And in addition to his attack on the priest Al Sharpton, a historical leader in the black rights movement, and then his attack on the Democratic Representative of Baltimore, Maryland, Elijah Cummings, who is among the companions of the struggle and march of Martin Luther King against racism; To show his electoral base that he is a reliable candidate[8]Trump also attacked the black congresswoman Maxin Walter, from California, who is known for her direct criticism of Trump's policies and positions, and Trump tweeted about her by saying, “She is an unnatural woman and has very weak mental capabilities, and she is crazy.” On various occasions, Trump attacked a star Basketball black player Labron James, and he also targeted CNN broadcaster and presenter Don Lemon, in addition to his former advisor, Umarosa, the black manigolt, which he described as nothing more than a "dog."[9].


In the last you are condemned Maat for Peace, Development and Human Rights All forms of violence practiced by the US police forces against blacks, and the US federal authorities call for an independent investigation to examine the causes of the increase and growth of violence against black ethnic minorities, and immediate action to address these problems in order to allow ethnic minorities to fully enjoy their rights.

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