An intervention on the human rights situation of migrants worldwide during the year 2017/2018

 offered to me: Human Rights Council, session 38.
Concerning: Clause 3    Report of the Special Rapporteur on the human rights of migrants (Human Rights Council resolutions 29/2 and 34/21)
 Maat Foundation for Peace, Development and Human Rights (Egypt) presented this intervention  To monitor the situation of migrants in the world,Whether voluntary immigrants, who are people on the move in order to search for everything new to obtain new social and economic opportunities, or forced immigrants, who are people on the move as a result of armed conflicts or violations to which a person is subjected and that lead to a transfer Compulsorily.
 There are many reasons why migrants are subjected to exploitation and gross violations of their rights, as migrants suffer from a lack of legal protection, especially labor rights, and they are also subject to detention or deportation by the employer and they cannot file a complaint against him, and foreign workers' cases in some The Gulf states are a blatant example of this type of violation.
In recent years, the Arab region has witnessed massive illegal immigration from Syria, fleeing the ongoing war there, as immigrants go to Turkey, Europe and some countries in the Arab region. Their migrations have been accompanied by gross violations of human rights


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