Maat and Greek Eko carry out a joint training for youth in Athens

In the first of the regional and international activities of Maat to promote a culture of peace for development

Maat and Greek Eko carry out a joint training for youth in Athens

Within the framework of the Maat Foundation's interest in promoting cultural exchange and civilizational cooperation between the countries of the South and the North, and in the context of the partnership that brings together Maat and the Eco EK OThe Greek capital for the implementation of the “Solidarity for the Environment” project, which targets young people from the countries of the Mediterranean basin. The Greek capital “Athens” hosted the first training program implemented in partnership between the two institutions, a program that was launched from October 2, 2017 to October 10, 2017.

Young people from “Egypt, Greece, Jordan, Italy, Bulgaria, Austria, Spain, Croatia, Turkey” participate in the training program implemented by the Maat Foundation (Egypt) and Eco (Greece), and it focuses on discussing environmental issues and environmental problems, and the proposed solutions in light The Paris Agreement and the “Kyoto” Framework for Action on Global Warming and Climate Change.

It is worth noting that Maat Foundation is interested in working at the regional and international level through partnership with a large number of effective civil society organizations in the world, and Maat and its partners focus on promoting peace through cultural exchange, spreading the culture of dialogue, and reconsidering human rights values of a global character and combating violence, terrorism and extremism. And hate.

The cooperation of Maat Foundation and the Greek Echo Organization is the first of a series of regional and international activities that Maat will implement during the remainder of 2017 and 2018 in cooperation with a number of non-governmental organizations in several countries, which come under the umbrella of promoting a culture of peace for development and respect for rights These activities will include joint training programs, conferences, workshops and forums specializing in peace, development and human rights issues.



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