Maat at the Education in Africa Forum: We do not have the luxury of time to develop African education

“Maat at the Education in Africa Forum: We do not have the luxury of time to develop African education.”

The Maat Foundation for Peace, Development and Human Rights held, yesterday, Saturday, a forum entitled: “Education lights up the path of sustainable development in Africa”. This is part of several sessions held by the Foundation to talk about sustainable development issues in the African continent.

The forum revolved around education in the African continent, between reality and expectations. This is in accordance with the 2030 and 2063 Sustainable Development Agenda. As well as education from the perspective of international and regional conventions. Then talk about realityAfrican Education, in terms of statistics, challenges and opportunities.

Abdul Rahman Pasha said: The researcher at the African Affairs Unit at the Maat Foundation for Peace, Development and Human Rights said that there is interest at the regional and international levels in including education in the 2030 and 2063. Sustainable development agendas. He added that any talk about development without education is a thing of futility. He pointed out that the African continent does not have the luxury of time to develop education.
The human rights defender, Seif El Din Suleiman, spoke: Director of the Khartoum International Center for Human Rights, Cairo Branch, on the obligation to develop education in accordance with international human rights instruments, including the Universal Declaration of Human Rights in its twenty-sixth article that “everyone has the right to education.” He called for the necessity to monitor the realization of the right to education and to submit regular reports on deprivations and violations.

Lawyer Ihab Dhaweni stated: Founder of the Media Initiative on Connecting to Africa, according to official data on the state of education in Africa, one out of every 3 children in sub-Saharan Africa is out of school, and the percentage of illiterate women in Sub-Saharan Africa is 27.1 million, compared to the percentage of males, which represents 20.3 Million. Accordingly, he recommended focusing on developing the status of African education, especially the situation of women and children.
It is worth noting that this forum comes within the interest of the Maat Foundation, which chairs the major African group. It is a grouping of all non-governmental organizations in the African continent, and it is one of the continental groups of the high-level political forum of the United Nations concerned with achieving the goals of sustainable development 2030. This group falls under one of the specific sectors, which is the NGO Committee. The group also works to unify the voice of African civil society to serve the sustainable development goals.


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