Maat: 859 victims fell during January 2023... East Africa ranked first in terms of the number of victims

Okeil: We recommend the United Nations Office of Counter-Terrorism to take into account the gender dimension in rehabilitation and reintegration programmes
Gouda: We call on the Ethiopian government to restore services in the Tigray region

The failure of African countries to provide basic services and create job opportunities has turned the African continent into a global center for extremist violence, and this was confirmed by Maat in its monthly report "Lens of Terrorist Operations and Acts of Violence in Africa - January 2023", which indicated an increase in rates of people who join extremist groups driven by economic reasons, bringing the rate of new recruits in extremist groups for better livelihoods to 92%.

The monthly report entitled “Lens of Terrorist Operations and Acts of Violence in Africa” documented that the continued activity of the Al-Shabaab movement in Somalia and the renewal of ethnic conflict in Ethiopia led to a continued high number of victims in Africa, which claimed 859 victims during January 2023, most of them civilians, as well as hundreds of kidnappings by Boko Haram in West Africa.

During January, East Africa came in first place, with 635 victims, and West Africa came second due to the activity of Boko Haram and ISIS, with terrorism claiming the lives of nearly 181 people. Central Africa came in the third place with 41 victims, followed by South Africa with only two deaths, and North Africa came last with no casualties as a result of terrorist operations.

In terms of the numerical distribution of victims of terrorism by country, Somalia came first for the third time in a row, with 388 victims, while Ethiopia came second due to renewed conflicts, as the fighting left 236 dead.

For his part, Ayman Aqeel indicated; The international human rights expert and head of the Maat Foundation, that there are some violations committed under the pretext of combating terrorism and violent extremism, and this will only lead to regression, explaining that each terrorist threat has its root causes, and therefore each of them must be studied in its context and an approach that takes into account age and gender should be followed to prevent violent extremism in all its forms, And consider the advantages that new technology can offer to combat terrorism.

The UN Office of Counter-Terrorism also called for taking into account the gendered dimension of power relations within terrorist communities and groups, as most rehabilitation and reintegration interventions are for male offenders only.

Abdellatef Gouda, Countering Hate Speech and Violent Extremism Supervisor at Maat, recommended the Ethiopian government to release the Tigrayans detained throughout the country in connection with the war, prosecute the perpetrators of war crimes, especially against civilians, and work to restore communications services and banks in the Tigray region, as soon as possible and without preconditions.


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