Maat received an intervention before the Human Rights Council on the situation of women in Yemen

Aqeel: Women are paying the price for Houthi violations in Yemen

Within the session that the Human Rights Council allocates to discuss Item 3 related to holding an interactive dialogue session with the Special Rapporteur on violence against women, its causes and consequences, the Maat Foundation for Peace, Development and Human Rights presented this morning, June 27, an intervention during which he shed light on the situation of women's rights in Yemen.

During the intervention, Maat Foundation affirmed its condemnation and total rejection of the violations committed by the Iranian-backed Houthi militia against women in Yemen since their coup against the legitimate authority in the country in 2014, as women face different patterns of violence in the absence of state institutions, protection organizations and community awareness, and bear all the woes Resulting from armed conflict and it is the most suffering victims of the conflict physically, psychologically and morally.

Maat explained that the statistics obtained during the last four years revealed that the Houthis committed more than 20 thousand cases of violation of the right of women in Yemen, between killing, injury, physical assault and cases of violence, especially in the cities and areas controlled by the Houthi militia.

For his part, Ayman Aqil, head of Maat Foundation, confirmed that women in Yemen are paying the price for the violations committed by the Houthi group in Yemen. 23 women, and the Houthi militia was directly responsible for the majority of these violations, in addition to practicing other worst types of violations that include mutilation, physical and verbal harassment, exploiting them in security and other activities, depriving them of education and work, and forcing them into early marriage, in violation of the rights of women guaranteed by the constitution, national laws and conventions And the international conventions that Yemen has ratified.

In conclusion, the Member States Foundation called for the need to pressure the Houthi militia to stop the violations against women in Yemen, and to hold the perpetrators of these violations accountable.

This participation comes within the series of activities and meetings that Maat Foundation is carrying out on the sidelines of the work of the 41st session of the Council, which began on June 24 and is scheduled to continue until July 12, and Maat participates in a mission consisting of 26 individuals from 8 European, African and Arab countries.


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