Maat announces the broadcasting of its electronic radio


Radio Maat…. A new platform for freedom without a roof


Cyberspace is a technology grant for those looking to raise the ceiling of their freedom with their own hands and those wishing to communicate with the other through non-traditional ways, and the electronic broadcasts that are broadcast over the Internet are only one of the applications of the international information network that can play a pivotal role in the process of spreading the culture of human rights among a large segment By virtue of quantity and dangerous by virtue of quality of citizens.

Within the framework of the belief in the importance of the human rights movement dealing positively with the changes of the era and the need to provide training and rehabilitation programs for young people that are commensurate with these changes and enable them to employ them in the context of protecting and promoting human rights, the Maat Foundation for Peace, Development and Human Rights, in cooperation with Al-Hayat Center for Human Rights, concluded the training course on the uses of broadcasting E-mail in the promotion of human rights (a training course for preparers and presenters of electronic radio programs).

The activities of the training course were held from Saturday, December 19, 2009 until Thursday, December 24, 2009, in which 25 young men and women from the Internet and electronic broadcasting activists participated. Preparation and presentation of radio and electronic broadcasting and human rights.

The activities of the training course were concluded by announcing the date of the trial broadcast of “Radio Maat”, which will be broadcasted by the Maat Foundation for Peace, Development and Human Rights on the international information network, starting from January 1, 2010. Including the institution on the community and through which it opens channels of effective communication between the citizen everywhere and the decision-maker at all levels.

Radio Maat is a quantum leap in the nature of human rights work and its mechanisms, and an essential and necessary addition to the tools that can be employed to promote and protect human rights. .

Radio Maat seeks to spread awareness of the legal and constitutional rights of citizens and the international principles and standards of human rights and to promote a culture of peace and tolerance. It also seeks to shed light on the social, economic and political problems associated with the transitional phase that Egypt is going through, and to contribute effectively to reform, modernization and enlightenment efforts.

The program map of Radio Maat, in its first session, includes several programs that express the nature of the institution's interest in the next stage and are in line with its strategic plan in the areas of supporting popular oversight of elections, supporting decentralization, good local governance, and using the human rights approach to improve the quality of public services provided to citizens at the local level. The program map also includes a component for bloggers and users of alternative media, which is an introductory, training and informative component at the same time.

Maat has appointed 6 trainees for the radio station, which is expected to be launched at the beginning of the new year. The foundation has also opened the door for practical training for the rest of the trainees, as they were divided according to a schedule that guarantees that they will benefit from their time on the radio effectively, and guarantees the weight of their skills and gives them useful experiences. Work on the radio will be Under the supervision of a group of specialists, experts, presenters, programmers, and sound engineers in the Egyptian radio and electronic broadcasts

The Maat Foundation will work to make the new electronic radio a platform available to all Egyptian civil society organizations working in the human rights and development fields, through which they can communicate with their target groups, present their reform ideas and visions, and highlight their activities and programs that they implement. The Foundation also pledges that freedom in Maat Radio will be without A ceiling as long as it is in the interest of promoting and respecting human rights.


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