Maat launches the "Life is a difference, not prejudice" initiative

Okeil: We are aware of the importance of positive art and its role in criticizing the reality of society and in shaping generations

Monica Mina: Maat continues to support youth to come up with innovative and effective mechanisms to support dialogue


Maat for Peace, Development, and Human Rights Association launched the youth initiative “Life is a difference, not prejudice” within the framework of its project “Peacebuilders in Egypt: Combating Hate Speech in the Name of Religion”, promoting innovative means in working to promote dialogue, where a theatrical sketch was prepared under the supervision of director Osama Lutfi, The theater relied on interacting with the audience present during the show, while this artistic work focused on activating the principles of “The Document on Human Fraternity for World Peace and Living Together” where "fraternity, coexistence, tolerance, and acceptance of the other", and this initiative was keen to empower a number of Egyptian youth and build their skills to use art as a means to spread peace and overcome religious intolerance through the practice of interreligious dialogue.

Then, Ayman Okeil, head of Maat Association, confirmed that art has an effective role in society, as it discusses issues and helps criticize the societal reality, as it clearly affects the behavior of individuals. Therefore, Maat Association adopted the youth community initiative “Life is a difference, not prejudice” and we supervised the writing and directing of the play because we are aware of the importance of positive art and its role in shaping generations.

Okeil indicated that the interactive method in the theatrical performance works to consolidate the positivity of the recipient and pushes the audience to discuss and interact, and then correct misconceptions. The main message of the show was to open a dialogue between policymakers and active youth to discuss the importance of interfaith dialogue in spreading peace.

Monica Mina, Director of Programs and Projects at Maat Association, emphasized the Association's continued keenness to support the youth to come up with innovative and effective mechanisms and ways to support dialogue and involve them in sustainable peace-building processes. She explained that the "Life is Difference, not prejudice" initiative is unique and maybe one of the pioneering initiatives to use art to activate The Document on Human Fraternity.

It is worth noting that the implementation of these youth initiatives takes place within the framework of cooperation between Maat for Peace, Development and Human Rights Association and The International Dialogue Centre (KAICIID), based on their efforts to build local and international peace and address phenomena that are dangerous to society to promote dialogue and exchange of cultures in order to activate the goals of tolerance and acceptance of the other.


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