Maat supports the African group at the United Nations to discuss racism

Maat Foundation for Peace, Development and Human Rights supports the call of many African countries to the United Nations Human Rights Council, to organize an urgent discussion on racism and security violence, in the context of the global movement following the death of the American citizen “# George Floyd”.

The call was signed by 54 African countries to discuss ethnically motivated human rights violations, systemic racism and security violence against people of African descent as well as violence against peaceful demonstrations. The letter was addressed to the President of the Human Rights Council, “Elizabeth Tychy Weisberger”, asking her to organize the debate next week upon the resumption of the 43rd session of the Council, which was suspended in March due to the # Covid-19 epidemic.

The Maat Foundation calls for creating a mechanism to pressure the United States of America - which has withdrawn from the Council since June 2018 - to stop those racist practices that are issued by the same authority and spread among large groups in the American people.

# Maat_africa365Day


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