Maat appreciates the efforts of the African Commission on Human and Peoples' Rights regarding the Tigray crisis

In light of the continued deterioration of the human rights situation in the Ethiopian Tigray region, and the accompanying deteriorations at all levels, the Committee, during its special session No. (34), issued Resolution No. (487) regarding the renewal of the mandate of the investigation committee regarding the situation in the Tigray region of the Federal Republic of Ethiopia, where it was Extending the mandate of the committee for a period of three months, retroactively, starting from August 12, 2021, as a result of the significant deterioration of the situation in the Tigray region and the continued escalation by the Ethiopian government unabated, in addition to the expansion of the war in neighboring regions.
The Maat Foundation for Peace, Development and Human Rights has been closely following developments in the human rights and humanitarian situation in the Tigray region since the beginning of the conflict, and expresses its deep concern about the continued violation and deterioration of human rights. The number of people in need of shelter has reached 3 million people due to the flight of most Tigray residents from their homes, and there are 400,000 people suffering from food insecurity, and about 100,000 children are threatened with severe acute malnutrition in Tigray, in addition to the continuing cases of rape. For hundreds of women and girls, the number of reported cases of gender-based violence reached 1,500.
In the context of the above, Maat appreciates the positive steps taken by the African Commission on Human and Peoples’ Rights in Tigray, and calls on the Commission to complete its support efforts to improve the human rights situation in Tigray, and hopes that the Ethiopian government will contain the crisis and stop escalating the war in the Tigray region as soon as possible.


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