Maat Foundation publishes the first estimate of the number of participants until 5 pm with a sample of committees

The third statement for the first day of the second round

Maat Foundation publishes the first estimate of the number of participants until 5 pm with a sample of committees

Maat: The continuation of electoral bribes and the breach of the electoral silence are the most prominent violations

A judge rejects an electoral bribe, apologizes for completing the committee, and is replaced on the basis of students


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1 Dec 2015, 6.00 pm

The Parliamentary Elections Observatory of the Maat Foundation for Peace, Development and Human Rights continued to monitor the course of the polling process in the second round of the second phase, which started this morning, and here is the third statement issued by the observatory in this context during the day, which covers the period of time extended from the reopening of the committees door after a period Rest (3.30 pm) until six in the evening.

During this period, no reports of violations or negative interference were received from the state apparatus and the insurance forces present in front of the committees, and no reports of violent cases that would affect the electoral process were received.

On the other hand, the followers of Maat Foundation monitored many of the violations committed by the candidates and their supporters in a number of electoral districts, the most prominent of which was directing voters in front of the committees and mobilizing them by means of mass transportation, as well as breaking the electoral silence, and among the most important incidents that have been monitored are the following: -

  1. Menoufia / Menouf - Sars Al-Layyan / Fatima Al-Zahra School / Voters guidance in front of the polling station for candidate Osama Sharshar and candidate Muhammad Al-Hawary
  2. Al Sharqia / Derb Negm / Al Zahraa School / Lujan 99/100 / A microbus working to mobilize voters in favor of the candidate Mustafa Al-Saeed, was arrested by the security forces and deported to the Derb Negm section
  3. Cairo / May 15 / Supporters of candidate Amr Al-Ashqar mobilized voters, transported them by cars, and directed them to vote for their candidate outside the committees.
  4. Cairo / Helwan / Al-Muslim Al-Sagheer School / The supporters of the candidate Ismail Nasreddin directing the voters outside the committees in favor of the candidate
  5. Kafr El-Sheikh Governorate \ Sidi Salem District \ School of Trade for Girls \ Committee 104 \ There is a directive for voters in favor of “Candidate Hassan Al-Beheiri” and “Candidate Ali Ahmed Ali”.
  6. Port Said Governorate - Suburbs District - Bilal bin Rabah School - Supporters of the Husseini Abu Omar candidate mass transfer of voters and buy votes for 100 pounds for a vote
  7. Menoufia / Shebin El-Kom Center / Melij Primary School / Mass transport by cars belonging to candidate Wafiq Ezzat and candidate Qadri Jaafar transporting voters and driving them to the polling station and directing to vote for them
  8. Dakahlia / Sherbin / Industrial Secondary / Committee 89: 92 / There are cars to transport voters in favor of “Candidate Ihab El Sallab” and “Candidate Fawzi El Sherbasy”. (Candidate Ihab Al-Sallab, Candidate Fawzi Al-Sharbasi, Nashi Al-Basandali, and Hussein Khudair).
  9. Qalubia Governorate / Ali Ibn Abi Talib School / Committee 45: A girl accompanies a number of voters, and it is suspected that one of the candidates used her to enter with female voters. Some of them obtained an electoral bribe to verify that she voted for the candidate who paid the bribe, and the judge discovered the matter after one of the children entered more than He passed him with some voters, and prevented children from entering the polling stations completely

In Gharbia / Kafr El-Zayat / Kfour Balsheh School / Ljana 27: Maat Foundation received a video showing Judge Amr Mohamed’s refusal to bribe some of the district’s candidates in exchange for allowing the mass voting of voters and directing them, and the judge rejected the bribe. Ali defied the representatives of the candidates and removed them and decided not to allow any of the delegates or employees to speak with the voters while casting their votes. He apologized for the completion of the electoral process and was replaced at his request.

Despite the complete security stability in the vast majority of the committees, quarrels between supporters of the candidates in front of the committees were observed, and the security forces intervened to resolve these altercations.

  1. In the governorate of Dakahlia / Al-Manzala and Al-Matareya Department / Al-Manzala Advanced Technical School / an altercation occurred between the supporters of the candidates “Ahmed Al-Hadidi” and “Alaa Asasa”, to influence the will of the voters to choose their respective candidates, at exactly 4:40 pm.
  2. Port Said Governorate - Suburbs District - Ahmed Shawqi Preparatory School for Boys - altercations occurred between supporters of the candidates (Suleiman Wahdan, Husseini Abu Omar), to bid for votes.

The Maat Foundation conducted a rapid survey of a number of polling stations in a number of governorates of the second phase to identify the voting rates until five o'clock in the evening of the first day, and the results were as follows: -

  1. Damietta Governorate - Damietta District - Souad Muharram Secondary School - Committee No. 52 The number of voters reached 53 voters out of a total of 2,642
  2. Damietta Governorate - Faraskour and Zarqa District - Preparatory School for Boys, Committee No. 4, number 1789 voters out of a total of 40
  3. Damietta Governorate - Kafr Saad District - Kafr Saad Preparatory School Inspection - Committee No. 3 The number of votes reached 60 out of a total of 2,410
  4. Port Said Governorate - Suburbs District - Chamber of Commerce Secondary School - the number of votes reached 130 out of a total of 8507
  5. Port Said Governorate - Al Zuhour District - Uqba Bin Nafi Primary School - the number of voters reached 250 out of a total of 7844
  6. Port Said Governorate - East District - Port Fouad Preparatory School for Girls, the number of voters reached 260 out of a total of 4000 votes
  7. Qalyubia / Qanater al-Khayriya / Qarnantil Primary School / Committee 53 and 154 / The number of voters is 1,200 out of a total of 4,403
  8. Qalyubia / Shebin El-Kom / Noub Taha Elementary / Committee 61 Number of voters 210 out of a total of 1760 / Committee 62 Number of voters 220 out of a total of 1761
  9. Qalyubia / Qalyubia / Taha Noub Elementary / Committee 144 / Number of voters 230 out of a total of 2070
  10. Qalyubia / Khosos / Khosos Industrial Secondary Boys / Committee 107 / Number of voters 100 out of a total of 2892
  11. Dakahlia / Sinbillawain / Burj Al-Nour School / Committee 82 the number of voters 200 from 1915 / Committee 83 the number of voters 150 out of a total of 1516
  12. Dakahlia / Sherbin / Hussein Khudair Elementary / Committee 37, the number of voters is 500 out of a total of 2,424
  13. Qalubia Governorate / Toukh and Qaha District / Qaha New Basic Education School / Committee 166 and 165 votes 331 out of a total of 4940.
  14. Cairo Governorate - Coast District - Nasser Secondary School Committee - Committee No. 96 - Total recorded votes are 2512, the number of casting their vote 225.
  15. Cairo Governorate - Al-Marj District - Usama Bin Ziyad School Committee - Committee No. 34 - Total registered votes 650 The number of people cast their vote 85.
  16. Cairo Governorate / Dar Al-Salam District / Dar Al-Salam Elementary School / Committee No. 23 Total number of voters 2,250 Number of cast their vote 184 votes
  17. Cairo Governorate / May 15 District / New El-Steel Primary School / Committee No. 43 The total number of voters 2217 The number of voters voted 103.
  18. Cairo / Nasr City: Martyr Shady Majd Abed Badr Official Language School - Committee No. 183 - 276 citizens out of a total of 1080 attended
  19. Cairo / Heliopolis: Fatayat Institute of Heliopolis - Committee No. 101 - 135 citizens out of a total of 2,627 attended
  20. Cairo / Zeitoun: Al-Amiriya Housing School - Committee No. 116 - 130 of the total 2,693 citizens attended, with the right to vote until the legal rest period for judges.
  21. Sharqia / Zagazig City / El Nassiriya Elementary / Committee 59 Total number of voters 2,891 attendance 160
  22. Sharqia / Zagazig Center / Al-Horreya Secondary School for Girls / Committee 90 Total number of voters 2,622 Attendance 180
  23. Eastern / Belbeis / Abu Bakr Al-Siddiq / Committee 156 Total number of voters 1950 Attendance 174
  24. Sharqia / 10th of Ramadan / Omar bin Al-Khattab, neighboring 48 / Committee 34, total number of voters 2,892, attendance 201
  25. Al-Sharqiya / Mashtool Al-Souq / The Local Unit in the Press / Committee No. 4 Total number of voters 2,629 Attendance 263
  26. Sharqia / Derb Negm / Al Zahraa School / Committee 100 / Number of votes 179 out of a total of 2,400 votes
  27. Sharqia / Abu Hammad / Irrigation Engineering Abu Hammad / Committee 82 The number of votes 252 out of a total of 2063 votes
  28. Al-Sharqia / Al-Husayniyyah / Secondary Brotherhood / Committee 58, the number of votes was 214 out of the total of 1988
  29. Sharqia / Kafr Saqr / Elementary 2 / Committee 116 / Number of votes 250 out of a total of 1863
  30. Menoufia / Quesna - Birkat al-Saba '/ Joint Preparatory School in Tookh Tanbasha / Committee No. 159 / Total 2000 / Voters 420
  31. Menoufia / Tala - Al-Shuhada / Al-Azhari Elementary Institute in Al-Iraqiya / Committee 170 / Total 2189 / Voters 127
  32. Menoufia / Menouf Center / Kafr Al-Umrah Basic Education School / Committee No. 24 / Total 1468 / Voters 110
  33. Gharbia / Mahalla Center / Nasser Elementary School / Committee 44: 230 of the total 2002 votes were cast.
  34. Al-Gharbia / Al-Santa / Sunta Al-Balad Joint Secondary School / Committee 8: There were 300 votes out of a total of 4,311.
  35. Gharbia / Qutour and Basion / Al-Tahrir Primary School / Committee 98: 320 out of a total of 2,845 votes were cast.
  36. Gharbia / Zefta / Hanout Elementary Joint School / Committee 45: 526 of a total of 3146 voted.
  37. Al-Gharbia / Al-Mahalla City / Al-Gomhoria Primary School / Committee 86: 250 out of a total of 2,600 votes were cast.
  38. North Sinai / Bir al-Abd and Rumana constituency / Umm Uqba Primary School / The number of voters is 300 out of 1562.


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