In an oral intervention before the Human Rights Council, Maat calls for an end to coercive measures against the Syrian people

 Aqeel: The big countries use these measures to conquer the developing countries

 Sherif Abdel Hamid: These measures have a negative impact on the Syrian citizen

The Maat Foundation for Peace, Development and Human Rights presented today, Monday, September 16, 2019, an oral intervention before the United Nations Human Rights Council in Geneva, in which it criticized the unilateral coercive measures taken by some countries and regional organizations unilaterally against the Syrian people. Which is inconsistent with international law and conventions.

Ayman Aqil, head of the Maat Foundation, explained that these unilateral coercive measures are taken by the major member states of the Security Council as a means of political and economic coercion that they use against developing countries to subjugate them and violate their sovereignty. Aqeel added that despite the imposition of these measures by America and the European Union, they did not prevent the conflicting parties. On the use of violence and excessive force against Syrian civilians, as the country witnesses the systematic use of means of violence by all parties to the conflict.

For his part, Sherif Abdel Hamid, Director of the Research and Studies Unit at the Foundation, said that the past years have proven that the measures and measures that were demanded or imposed by these countries, in order to protect civilians, had a catastrophic impact on the Syrian economy and the Syrian citizens, as these measures had damaged the Syrians' ability to buy food. From the international market and to pay import costs due to financial constraints. It also hampered the purchase of medicines, including cancer drugs and medical equipment. Abdul Hamid added during the intervention that there is no justification for the continuation of the unilateral coercive measures imposed on food and agricultural products and medicines, and he called for lifting all measures that have a negative impact on the enjoyment of the human rights of the Syrian people.



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