Asylum seekers are paying with their lives for the failure of the UN refugee protection system

Seeker seek refuge They pay their lives A price To fail The system Internationalism To protect refugees

 Maat calls on the commission to assume its moral responsibilities

 Maat Foundation expresses its sadness over the unfortunate events that took place before the United Nations High Commissioner for Affairs refugees On Tuesday, July 26, 2016 and confirms the right of all refugees To receive fair and equitable treatment from the Commission.

  Where some people from the Ethiopian Oromo group protested in front of the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Affairs refugees In 6th of October City to demand acceptance of requests seek refuge After the commission denied the request seek refuge For this group as I consider them to be the majority in Ethiopia, and therefore there is a disagreement about whether they are refugees or not, and due to the lack of a satisfactory response from the UNHCR, one of the men tried to set fire himself, and while one of the women assisted him, she set herself on fire, where she was killed in front of her 10-year-old daughter and rose The Commission issued a statement expressing its condolences and describing the woman’s killing as a “violent incident”.
 Maat Foundation points out that the international framework To protect rights refugees It has become useless as the whole world is witnessing a real crisis that is increasing day by day as the increase in violence and persecution events that naturally lead to an increase in the number. refugees Whose They pay The price of conflicts and disputes between the political parties in their country while ignoring The system Internationalism for the consequences of that of flagrant violations of human rights and casualties of innocent people who only want to live in safety without persecution.
 As part of the Maat Peace Foundation's follow-up to the human rights situation, it calls for the development of the work of the United Nations High Commissioner for Affairs refugees To include all refugees Looking for a better life and a faster acceptance of requests seek refuge That takes months and sometimes years, and by adopting more effective policies to prevent such unfortunate events that make the people feel horrific. It also calls on the United Nations to increase pressure on developed countries to fulfill their obligations to pay reasonable financial shares to the Commission commensurate with the size of the crisis they are dealing with.
 According to the official website of the commission, until December 2015 Egypt hosted about 180,000 refugees from different countries. It is worth noting here that Egypt signed an agreement with the commission in 1953 confirming that the commission alone is responsible for registering and determining the status refugees in the country .


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