Humanitarian aid ... Turkey's way to penetrate the Horn of Africa

“Humanitarian aid.. Turkey’s path to penetration into the Horn of Africa ”

A study by the Maat Foundation reveals the hidden Turkish aid inside the Horn of Africa

The Policy Analysis Unit of the Maat Foundation for Peace, Development and Human Rights issued a study entitled “Humanitarian aid.. Turkey's way to penetrate the Horn of Africa. The study tries to shed light on one of the important issues of public opinion in the African continent related to the Turkish incursion into the Horn of Africa by exploiting and employing humanitarian aid in order to achieve political, economic and security goals and gains at the expense of the human dimensions themselves. Turkey towards more incursion into the brown continent.

Ahmed Salah, a senior researcher at the Maat Foundation, confirms that the study reveals the exposure of African countries to the depletion and exploitation of their wealth during periods of occupation that lasted for decades, and soon these countries began to come out of their repression, until other countries were entrusted with a new type of occupation, by employing humanitarian aid To achieve the same ambitions and more, under the guise of providing aid, relief, and other humanitarian aid. Turkey is among a number of other countries that have turned their sights to the Horn of Africa as a starting point towards strengthening its presence on the African continent as a whole.

Salah notes that the study revealed the tools that Turkey uses in order to achieve expansion and expansion within Africa under the cover of humanitarian aid, especially governmental and non-governmental charitable institutions, through which Ankara seeks to pave the way for the Turkish government to formally exist within these countries, whose importance has increased. In many countries around the world, especially with regard to navigation in the Red Sea region, as well as the exploitation of the natural resources enjoyed by these countries.

Salah also explained that the study sheds light on the gains achieved by Ankara within the Horn of Africa countries, especially in Somalia and Djibouti, and the study also revealed the agreements that Turkey succeeded in signing as a result of expansion and spread within these countries to achieve the greatest possible benefit on all political, military and economic levels. While the researcher affirms that Ankara will work during the coming period to expand the exploitation of its various tools, especially humanitarian and charitable organizations, in order to spread and expand in all regions of the Horn of Africa, and to gradually penetrate further into the entire African continent, given that there are many opportunities open to Turkey to achieve political gains Economic and military, and increasing its influence in the continent as a whole according to its expansion plan, through this type of aid, which will only be the seeds of this scheme.




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