The Governance of Migration Issues in Africa... for the Security of Migrants

"Essam El-Din": We recommend African governments to intensify efforts towards migration policy in Africa (2018-2023)
"Elsa": We call for advocacy and mobilization of support regarding the security of the situation of African immigrants in European countries
"Agwama": Climate displacement and escalation of terrorism are among the main drivers of internal migration in the West African region.

The deteriorating conditions that migrants suffer from have become very disturbing. In addition to their impact on the human rights situation, migration and related issues have affected governments, the private sector and local communities, whether from the country that is exporting or hosting migrants.

In this context, the Maat Foundation for Peace, Development and Human Rights held a seminar under the title "The Governance of Migration Issues in Africa... for the Security of Migrants" with the participation of a group of human rights experts from Egypt, Nigeria, Ethiopia and Somalia. This is to shed light on the challenges faced by immigrants, whether in the context of internal African migration, or the conditions of African immigrants in European and Asian countries. The webinar concluded with a set of recommendations for the security of immigrants, both outside and inside the African continent.


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