Terrorist Operations Lens in Africa Report for December 2020

Terrorist groups have spread and expanded in the African continent since the early 1990s, which have become a center of deployment in African countries, especially those in Somalia, Nigeria and Mozambique. Hence, black terrorism became one of the main challenges that the African continent is trying to get rid of, such as poverty and famine. Although the African Union adopted the slogan "Silencing the guns" for 2020, the number of deaths continues to rise.

It is presented African Affairs and Sustainable Development Unit at the Maat Foundation for Peace, Development and Human Rights Its monthly reportThe lens of terrorist operations in Africa“During December 2020; In which there were about up to 42 different terrorist operations distributed over the various regions of the continent, and took place among civilians and soldiers alike, and the number of victims was at least 480 victims as a result of those terrorist operations, far from the injured, wounded and kidnapped.

The report concludes with a number of recommendations that contribute to shedding more light on the development of Goal (16) of the Sustainable Development Goals, in terms of peace, justice and strong institutions, as well as the aspiration (4) of Africa's Agenda 2063.



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