The report of the international mission on the third day

The report of the international mission on the third day

April 22, 2019

In continuation of the work of the international mission to follow up on the referendum on constitutional amendments - Egypt 2019 - for the third day in a row, the mission publishes this report in a series of daily reports on the developments of the constitutional referendum process. The mission participates in following up the referendum through a delegation of 69 members, spread across 14 Egyptian governorates, where the coalition includes 4 “international and local organizations from three continents, which are Eco organizations” from Greece, a seated forum from Uganda, and the Volunteers Without Borders organization from Lebanon, in addition to the Foundation Maat for Peace, Development and Human Rights from Egypt.

According to the observations made by the delegations of the international mission, in addition to the field follow-up of the local observers spread in fourteen Egyptian governorates, the following has been observed:

In the Cairo governorate, the mission observed that participation rates doubled considerably compared to the first two days of voting, as queues of citizens were spotted in front of the “Martyr Ibrahim Saleh School Committee in Al-Matareya” and in most schools of Helmiyet Al-Zaitoun. Several streets in Nasr City, as well as in the City of Peace, especially in the “Mrs. Sumaya School” committee.

In Fayoum, despite the low turnout on the first and second days of polling, the third day witnessed an increase in participation rates in the centers of Atsa, especially in the village of “Al-Ghark”, which witnessed the spread of “Tatak” and cars carrying citizens free of charge to the polling stations. In the Fayoum center, participation rates also increased significantly in the center’s villages, especially in the committees of the village of “Senofer”. Participation also increased in the Yusef Al-Siddiq Center, especially in the “Sayed Al-Khader School” committees.

In Port Said, Al-Manakh district witnessed a large turnout of employees and workers during their rest hours, as they flocked en masse to polling committees.

In Menoufia, participation increased significantly in “Ashmoun and Monuf” centers, and turnout was still moderate in Shebin al-Kom Center.

In Sohag, the situation is distinctly different from previous days, as participation in the Tama Center committees increased, especially in the village of “Mashta”. In Kafr El-Sheikh, turnout increased in the district of Kafr El-Sheikh's First Division, and hundreds of citizens flocked to the “Peace Martyr No. 12” committee.

It is worth noting the spread of patriotic songs and cars in several governorates to transport voters to the polling stations, as well as the spread of celebrations of constitutional amendments in front of some committees. The mission commends the facilitation of the procedures for the entry of international observers to all the headquarters of the electoral commissions today, and the good reception and freedom of their work.


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