A coalition of three international organizations and a national organization prepares to follow the constitutional referendum

A coalition of three international organizations and a national organization prepares to follow the constitutional referendum

Akil: Participation is the only guarantee for consolidating democracy and a smooth transition of power

Issa: The coalition is based on internationally recognized standards for the integrity of public referendums

Kitty: Providing guarantees of integrity and transparency is the main reference for evaluating the referendum process

Esther Nambuca: The diversity of the international experience of the followers is a guarantee of the impartiality and efficiency of the follow-up

Preparing (the international mission to follow up the referendum on constitutional amendments - Egypt - 2019) 

It is a coalition made up of three international organizations and an Egyptian organization to follow up the referendum on amendments to the Egyptian 2014 constitution, which will take place during the last week of this month.  

The alliance includes organizations from three continents: Europe, Africa and Asia, where the alliance consists of the European “Eco” organizations from Greece, the African Sals Forum from Uganda, the Asian Volunteers Without Borders organization from Lebanon, in addition to the Maat Foundation for Peace, Development and Human Rights from Egypt.

The coalition organizations had submitted requests to follow up the referendum to the National Elections Authority earlier, and the requests included a list of a number of international and local experts in following up the referendums and general elections of several European, African and Asian nationalities. The coalition organizations are concluding their coordination meetings and their institutional and technical arrangements in preparation for publishing their follow-up to the referendum committees. To be called over the next few days.

Ayman Aqil, President of Maat Foundation for Peace, Development and Human Rights, and the National Coordinator of the Alliance said that a high-level mission is expected to be received in the coming days to finalize the methodology for monitoring and follow-up and to adopt the field deployment plan and the reporting mechanism based on internationally recognized standards for free and fair referendums.

Aqeel pointed out that the coalition’s participation in the follow-up to the referendum comes out of its keenness to guarantee integrity and transparency and its belief in the right to participate as the only guarantee for promoting democracy, a peaceful and smooth transfer of power, and maintaining the stability and cohesion of societies. He stressed that the coalition adheres to the procedures and national rules governing in this regard and stands on One distance from all opinions related to the articles of the constitution submitted to referendum. The Egyptian people are the owners of the only and inherent right to approve or reject amendments to the constitution, according to their vision of their future

For his part, the Lebanese activist and human rights expert, Riad Issa and the head of the Operations Room, stated that the coalition’s initiative comes in the context of exchanging experiences and getting acquainted with various experiences. “Issa” indicated that the coalition includes international experts known for their competence and integrity, and is keen to fully adhere to the relevant international standards and will evaluate all The conduct of the referendum process.

The international expert, “Kitty….” “The Technical Operations Coordinator in the Alliance and the Director of the Greek Echo Organization that the role of civil society is determined in raising awareness, following up and presenting recommendations and alternatives that improve the performance of the bodies, and she indicated that the work of the coalition will not deviate from this framework, as the main criteria for evaluating the referendum process will be based on the availability of guarantees. Integrity, transparency, the nature of participation in the referendum process, the suitability of the atmosphere and the rules governing the promotion of the right to vote and participate.

As for the human rights expert, Esther, head of a seated forum in Uganda and coordinator of the reporting and reporting team of the Alliance, he indicated that non-governmental African mechanisms should play a greater role in supporting the integrity of referendums and general elections on the continent in line with the aspirations of their people under the umbrella of the Africa Strategy for Sustainable Development 2063. He stressed that the presence of four organizations from three different continents working under one umbrella provides a great opportunity to build on common experiences and ensures the availability of a greater degree of professionalism and professionalism in the follow-up process, which will help to come up with an accurate and objective description of the referendum process, regardless of its results.

It is worth noting that the four organizations participating in the coalition have long previous experience in monitoring elections and public referendums in different countries and cultures, and most of them have previously participated in following up previous electoral processes in Egypt, which greatly facilitated the coordination process between the four parties.

It is expected that the coalition will share all statements and reports periodically with everyone, according to a specific methodology that will be announced in a press conference that will be held as soon as all members of the mission arrive in the coming days.


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