The impact of the events of September 11 on human rights in the Arab region


The world is living the twenty-second anniversary of the most important global event in the history of American politics. The event that caused 19 terrorists belonging to Al-Qaeda to destabilize the image of American sovereignty in the eyes of the world, to undermine it from all its solid foundations, and to prove to everyone that even the largest military and economic power and the most successful security services can be penetrated by terrorism. At a time when the United States of America was in control of all international policies, it woke up to the tragedy of four planes striking three of its flags in different parts of the country within a few minutes between each strike. The first strike on the North Tower of the World Trade Center occurred at 8:46 AM, while the strike on the South Tower came immediately after that at 9:03 AM. Then, at 9:37 AM, the US Department of Defense hit the Pentagon, while the fourth plane crashed. In one of the forests of Pennsylvania, which was allegedly intended to target the headquarters of the House of Representatives and the Senate in Washington

“America is under attack,” was the word given to the White House chief of staff, “Andrew Card,” by the then American president, “George Bush,” to express the extent of the tremor that struck the country in a few seconds. Indeed, the impact of the word was commensurate with the event, as it took place within only two hours. The United States lost nearly three thousand people, in addition to the collapse of the North and South Towers and the destruction of the western facade of the US Department of Defense building. These were not only the losses caused by the incident, but its consequences came to cast a shadow over the sovereignty of many countries, destroy the lives of innocent people, and eliminate the rights of thousands. Of their citizens in their most basic right, which is “life.” Unexpectedly, this has become the trump card for the United States, which it is allowed to use to justify all its actions under the pretext of revenge, flouting all its claims about democracy, freedom, and human rights.



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