Seventeen years after the events of September, the world is still living in the same conditions ... and terrorism finds someone to support it

17 years after the events of September

The world is still living in the same conditions ... and terrorism finds support


17 years after the bombing of the twin towers in New York in September 2001, the world finds itself once again in the face of all the facts that made the forces of evil, terror and darkness dare to sabotage and destroy the features of civilization, and in this context he mentions the Maat Foundation for Peace, Development, Human Rights and the International Alliance For peace and development, all the peoples of the world, its international organizations, their governments and their living forces in civil society, that all the wars and blood that have been shed and the deliberate sabotage of the capabilities of states and peoples has not been successful in eradicating and uprooting the roots of terrorism, which has returned to threaten the world in a more ferocious manner than it was in September 2001.

September 11, which left more than three thousand people dead, was a violent shock that struck the world and made it pay attention to the threat of terrorism, but the United States and its allies decided at that time to adopt very negative approaches to confront this phenomenon, and they tended to expand in striking certain countries, sabotaging their economies and practicing a philosophy Collective punishment without real interest in addressing the root causes of the phenomenon, without dismantling the link with the ruling regimes that were and still support terrorism and armed militias, and without supporting a just solution that ends the suffering of the Palestinian people whose lands were usurped, their sanctities violated and their children displaced, in full view of The world, with the strong and direct support of the United States, the Israeli state that carried out all these atrocities.

After 17 years, the United States has developed its support for Israel to the point of colluding with it in killing defenseless Palestinians in the Gaza Strip, trampling all UN decisions, recognizing Jerusalem as the capital of the Israeli occupation state, and forging strategic alliances with ruling regimes in the Arab region. Its hand is stained with support for terrorism and armed militias in Libya and Syria, and there are confirmed evidence of its standing behind the chaos and terrorism that Egypt, Bahrain and other countries have suffered and are still suffering from.

While the international system continues to drain its capacity, and persists in its inability to make decisions and adopt influential positions that restore the right to those who have lost it, triumph over the oppressed, deter states and regimes that support terrorism and extremism, manipulate peoples' destinies, and use mercenaries to disrupt the democratic transition, and finance and arm militias in the face of national armies.

Hence, the Maat Foundation and the International Alliance for Peace and Development, on the anniversary of September 11, which coincides with the launch of the work of the 39th session of the Human Rights Council, calls for the activation of the United Nations counter-terrorism strategy; And its provisions that deal with measures aimed at dealing with the conditions conducive to the spread of terrorism, measures to prevent and combat terrorism, in addition to measures aimed at building the capacities of states to prevent and combat terrorism and strengthen the role of the United Nations system in this regard, as well as the necessity of joining forces to deter states that still support terrorism and extremism and provide safe havens. And media outlets for terrorist groups, and reiterates its call for the need to adopt a binding human rights agreement related to combating terrorism to preserve the right to life, security and development.

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