The security situation in West Africa ... Continuous deterioration and new warnings

The # West Africa region has suffered from an apparent security vulnerability in recent months, due to the escalation of societal violence and the # terrorist attacks in the region.

In a country like # Burkina Faso, more than 921,000 citizens were displaced from it and forced to flee their cities by last June, representing an increase of 92% compared to the number of # displaced in 2019..

In # Mali, about 240,000 people were internally displaced, of whom 54% were women, while the number of those forced to flee their home in # Niger was about 489,000. This included internally deported refugees of Nigerian and Malian nationality.

It is also indicated that there are approximately 7.7 million people who will need urgent aid in 2020.
Maat Foundation for Peace, Development and Human Rights expresses its deep concern about these security developments. # Maat calls for the necessity of entering into a sustainable dialogue with all parties to reach a comprehensive solution to the security crisis in the region.

Maat Foundation stresses the urgent need to build local and institutional capacities, defend #_ good governance, respect #_human rights, and activate the role of law as an entry point for sustainable peace in West Africa #.

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