International Humanitarian Law and Peace Building “A workshop organized by Maat Foundation

Where the International Humanitarian Law Unit at the Maat Foundation for Peace, Development and Human Rights organized a workshop for two consecutive days on September 18 and 19, 2020, and students from different countries participated in this workshop (Nigeria, South Africa and #Ghana And Egypt #Tunisia And the #Morocco, West, sunset ) They numbered 100 participants.

Also, a number of legal experts and experts in the field of international humanitarian law participated, namely Counselor Ayman Fouad: President of the Criminal Court in Egypt, who explained to the participants an introduction to international humanitarian law and also joined the workshop from Argentina, Dr. Emulose Buenos, Doctor of Public International Law at the University of Buenos Aires, who explained at length what it is International conflicts and the legal rules regulated by international humanitarian law regarding these conflicts, Dr. Ahmed Al-Fatlawi, an expert in international humanitarian law and a professor of law at the University of Kufa, also participated and talked about the relationship of international humanitarian law to peacebuilding. .

The IHL unit organized an interactive dialogue with the youth participating in this workshop to discuss the challenges facing law students in learning international humanitarian law, and the participants emphasized that the most important challenge is the lack of real opportunities to teach international humanitarian law.

On the sidelines of that workshop, Ayman Akil emphasizedThe President of Maat Foundation said that remote training has become the most common way to transfer skills despite the great difficulties related to adapting the curriculum, the training and trainer preparation processes, or communication processes, evaluation and accreditation, and others. He added, “We are working hard, despite these difficulties, to enhance the capabilities of young people to achieve the goals of sustainable development, specifically the fourth goal.”.

Meanwhile, Nourhan Mustafa, director of the International Humanitarian Law Unit at the Maat Foundation, confirmed that in light of the conflicts and challenges facing #Conflict_Zones Currently, we are working to enhance the capabilities of young people to understand and spread international humanitarian law and work to implement it. This comes in parallel to the lack of study materials and educational opportunities within law schools in some countries on the subject of international humanitarian law. .

This workshop comes within the framework of the International Humanitarian Law Project for All, which Maat Foundation cooperates with the National Association of Law Students in Kogi State in # Nigeria.


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