Interactive dialogue with the Group of Eminent Experts on Yemen, the 46th session of the Human Rights Council

Interactive dialogue with the Group of Eminent Experts on Yemen
The 46th session of the Human Rights Council
The work of the fourth consecutive day of the Human Rights Council

During the interactive dialogue today, the Group of Eminent Experts on Yemen expressed the grave violations that civilians are subjected to in Yemen as a result of the armed conflict between the parties, in which thousands of displaced people fall victim, and the situation of more than 400 thousand children suffering from malnutrition, and pointed to the famine that may afflict Yemen in Recently, the team referred to the violations against women in prisons and conditions in Marib, stressing the need to ensure that perpetrators of crimes against humanity do not have impunity.
The concerned country (Yemen) responded by denying everything in the report, questioning its sources, accusing it of not being transparent and using the terms used by the Houthis, and demanding its right from Item 10 of the agenda to provide it with technical assistance.
Saudi Arabia participated in the interactive dialogue that it does not recognize the team’s efforts and does not recognize the reports it issued because it did not condemn the violations by the Houthis, and it supports the reports of the National Front in Yemen, and accused Iran of supporting the Houthis and terrorist militias, planting mines in all liberated areas, and recruiting children.
From what came to him, Iran's response came by its permanent and official refusal to supply any party in Yemen with weapons and that it recognizes the right of all peoples who are subject to aggression to defend themselves and the Yemeni people know how to defend themselves.
France indicated that there are 2 million people displaced due to the Houthi attack in Marib, and indicated signs of mass starvation in Maine, and Switzerland gathered with it in that. Can the council take it to improve the human rights situation?
The United Kingdom added its concern about the arbitrary detention, enforced disappearance, recruitment of children, sexual violence, and the Houthi’s obstruction of communication and access to humanitarian aid, which deprives the Yemeni people of their human rights, and asked what measures the team considers necessary for aid to reach Yemenis?
Mr. Jamal Jendoubi's speech emphasized the need for the parties to respect human rights and adhere to them.
For its part, Maat Al-Adhid affirms, during its written intervention, that the international community continues to overlook the widespread violations committed by the Ansar Allah group “Houthis” in Yemen, opens the door wide for more arbitrary practices against unarmed civilians, including women and children, and opponents For the Houthi coup, Maat recommends:
• United Nations member states should follow the example of the United States of America by designating the Houthi group a terrorist group and including its members with sanctions. And impose additional sanctions on countries that do not comply with the relevant Security Council resolutions, especially Resolution 2216.
• The Houthi group must spare civilians residing within its control during the war, in accordance with the principles of international humanitarian law
• The Human Rights Council must adopt new decisions during the forty-sixth session that include seeking to discourage all parties to the current conflict in Yemen to resume peace efforts on the basis of the three agreed terms of reference locally, regionally and internationally, which are the results of the comprehensive National Dialogue Conference, the Gulf Cooperation Council initiative and its implementation mechanisms, and the decisions of the Council Related security.
• The Houthis must lift the siege on the Yemeni city of Taiz and stop the ongoing violations in the village of Al-Haima, in addition to the immediate and urgent release of all individuals who were arrested and arbitrarily detained, especially children and women.
• The Group of Eminent Experts on Yemen should form an international fact-finding committee to investigate the violations committed by the Houthi group in the prisons under its supervision, including the investigation of the deaths of 13 detainees in Sanaa prison in December 2020.


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