Maat calls on the Egyptian government to quickly accomplish the achievement of Goal 11 of its goals 

An inclusive interactive dialogue for all parties on the right to housing in Egypt

” Maat calls on the Egyptian government to quickly accomplish the achievement of Goal 11 of its goals  “


During the interactive dialogue with the Special Rapporteur on the right to housing within the framework of the 40th session of the Human Rights Council in Geneva, who presented her report on her recent visit to Egypt, Ambassador Alaa Youssef presented his entries denouncing the rapporteur's reliance on politicized sources and cooperation with biased and unprofessional media outlets, thus issuing a report Inaccurate ignores Egyptian efforts to protect the right to housing

And the positive results of the programs and policies that Egypt has taken to provide obligations in accordance with the Egyptian constitution and international humanitarian law, and the reporter's report did not show the complete reality in Egypt, as it overlooked the dire effects that Egypt is exposed to as a result of terrorism, and at the end of his speech, His Excellency the Ambassador expressed his complete rejection of the accusation Egypt violates the right of individuals to express their opinion

 This led to a great objection from the rector, who began to comment by completely rejecting the accusation of violating the code of honor and obstructing justice, and that before her visit she relied on official documents, universal periodic review reports and other UN reports. She also conducted interviews in Egypt, but did not disclose The owners of these interviews, which makes the task of the Egyptian government more difficult, as it made clear that its decision is known for its cooperation with the media, and it has made statements to several famous media channels, including Al Jazeera.

As for the stakeholders

Muhammad Fayek, head of the National Council for Human Rights, gave his entries and denounced through them what the rapporteur said about the Egyptian government's crackdown on those who cooperated with the rapporteur. He also confirmed that all the positives or recommendations mentioned in the report will be taken into account.

As for the participation of Maat in the session, Maat presented his oral interventions that were called for

  The Special Rapporteur on adequate housing takes into account the economic, social and security situation facing Egypt, in particular the war against terrorism, which has greatly affected all sectors and fields, in addition to supporting the Egyptian efforts exerted in cooperation with human rights mechanisms, and the efforts made to benefit from international experiences that She supports the right to adequate housing, as the Maat Foundation expressed its full readiness to meet with the assessor during her future visit and to provide her with all available information about the right to housing in Egypt and explained that although all possible means were provided for her to do her work, the report issued by her raised many Of the reservations, despite its knowledge in its various meetings and visits on practical applications of government policies to provide adequate housing, its statement is the right side, as many of the positives adopted by the Egyptian government in the field of providing decent housing for citizens are not mentioned. Citizens reflect the keenness to respect the rights of citizens, whether by providing them temporary housing until the completion of the development of the area It is targeted by providing fair material compensation, or by proposing other alternatives, such as moving to a new city, in accordance with local laws and Egypt's international obligations The social housing project that the state has adopted and has already begun implementing one million housing units in all governorates and new cities is the largest project in the world out of the government's keenness, represented by the Ministry of Housing, to provide an apartment for every low-income citizen and that the project will not be limited to implementing one million housing units. Only, but continuing until the housing crisis is eliminated.


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