Terrorist groups…. Between confrontation and evolution

Terrorist groups…. Between confrontation and evolution


In the past few years, terrorism has witnessed a great development, as it is developing faster as the tools to confront it evolve. It grows, spreads and eludes as a virus mutates faster than the speed of immunity to produce antibodies. These random groups are no longer organized and performed as it was before, but they are developing and mutating. In its performance, it will continue to increase if it is not confronted with terrorism in a manner that keeps pace with the rapid development of those groups that have become using the tools of the modern era, expanding their activities, managing and arranging themselves to declare themselves as a "state". The Western paradox is that terrorist, reactionary, extremist organizations hostile to modernity, innovation and creativity are the most capable of creativity and devise tools for spread!

While the formal states, which are one of the gains of the modern era, are dominated by routine and traditional ideas in confrontation, so it is necessary to develop strategies to confront terrorism and extremism with more ideas outside the box and with the support of all creative forces in society, on top of which are civil society institutions.

Hence an institution is provided , Maat for Peace, Development, and Human Rights This analysis paper on the performance of terrorist groups, to present a number of recommendations to stakeholders (all of humanity is a stakeholder) to understand past performance and anticipate the future performance of terrorist groups.




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